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March 2021 Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio, March starts with a focus on your 5th House of fun and creativity and then shifts to your 6th House of daily work and health. Enjoy the light-heartedness that Pisces season brings and then get ready to buckle down once we enter Aries season on March 20th.

March starts with the Sun in Pisces in your solar 5th House. Enjoy a burst of creativity and fun with the compassion and sensitivity of Pisces. Pisces represents the end of a cycle, so your creative endeavors might center around something like that.

Mercury is in Aquarius in your solar 4th House at the start of the month. Cleverness and curiosity combine to bring original thoughts and eccentric communication to the fore. Think about how you want your home, physical, and emotional to be, and Aquarius will help you think of an innovative way to make it happen.

Venus will be in Pisces in your solar 5th House at the beginning of the month. Focus your love and devotion on creative endeavors. You might feel more inconsistent than you usually are, but this is just because Pisces is slightly dreamier in matters of love than you tend to be. Scorpios can be very intense when it comes to emotional matters.

Mars will be in Taurus for a few more days in your solar 7th House. If you have goals to set or plans to pursue in relation to 7th House matters like marriage or business partnerships, go after them. Mars in Taurus will give you the power and strength you need to persevere. This might also be a good time to think about financial matters in relation to your partnerships.

On March 4th, Mars enters Gemini in your solar 8th House, bringing things around to a more abstract conversation. The 8th House concerns itself with debts, ancestry, life, death, and spirituality. Your mind will likely be spinning with thoughts of these topics due to Mars being in Gemini. One thing is for sure, you will definitely have enough energy to think about these things tirelessly.

On March 13th, the New Moon in Pisces will fall in your solar 5th House. The New Moon gives us the opportunity for a fresh start. Take advantage of the compassion and sensitivity brought by Pisces to get clear on exactly what it is you want to start fresh with during this moon phase. With the focus on your 5th House, it will likely have something to do with creativity, your children, artistic projects, or something that brings you joy.

On March 15th, Mercury enters Pisces in your solar 5th House. Your intuition will rise up during this time and you might be struck by serendipitous thoughts relating to your 5th House of creativity. You will probably feel extra creative and imaginative due to Pisces’ influence.

On March 16th, the Sun will sextile your ruling planet, Pluto, giving you extra confidence and enhancing your strong character.

Venus will sextile Pluto on March 18th, bringing big changes to your relationships. Don’t worry, the changes will be for the good. You will also probably feel more passionate at this time.

The Sun enters Aries in your solar 6th House on March 20th, signaling the beginning of Aries season and the start of a new astrological year. Aries is the start of a cycle, so you will have a burst of energy and bravery in matters of your 6th House like your daily work and health.

Venus follows closely behind the Sun, enters your solar 6th House in Aries on March 21st. This combination will bring increased passion to your work and health, but you might also be more inconsistent.

On March 28th, the Full Moon in Libra in your solar 12th House will wrap up the month. The Full Moon illuminates things that are hidden, and in relation to your 12th House, this might be a pretty big realization like a long-kept secret or something that generally contributes to your self-undoing. Luckily, with Pisces’ influence, this will hopefully be a tactful realization. Lean into Pisces to give yourself some compassion.

Overall, this month will start with a lot of fun during Pisces season and then shift to more practical concerns during Aries season.

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