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March 2021 Virgo Horoscope

March will start in a down-to-earth place for you, Virgo. Your mind will then turn to more abstract concepts once we enter Aries season and things start to get centered around your 8th House. Straight-forward thinking might come more naturally to you, and you are no stranger to hard work and competence, however, you also have great artistic ability and can use your imagination to create with the best of them. All of these traits will be used to great effect this month.

On March 1st, the Sun is still in Pisces in your solar 7th House. As Pisces season comes to an end, enjoy this time to be kind and sensitive in relation to your partnerships, whether these are in relation to love, business, or something else. Let your intuition guide your thoughts.

Mercury starts the month in intellectual Aquarius in your solar 6th House. This is the perfect time to put some effort into your daily work and feel the return come effortlessly. Your thoughts will be original and you will likely feel extra curious during this time. Use this combination to your advantage.

Venus starts the month in Pisces in your solar 7th House. Venus and Pisces combined will bring a touch of sensitivity and kindness to your love relationships. Use your creativity to help you out in relationships during this time as well.

Mars is in Taurus in your solar 9th House for just a few more days. Use this combination to layout your plans and start working on them doggedly. Taurus is persistent and Mars in this luxurious sign can help you gain money or material possessions. Whatever your focus, whether it is travel or education, or something more profound, you’ll have the dedication to pursue it.

Mars enters Gemini in your solar 10th House on March 4th. Energetic Gemini, also ruled by Mercury, combined with powerful Mars, will give you a burst of energy to take initiative and use your immense intelligence to get what you want out of your career and public persona. Take advantage of this placement to bring yourself some well-deserved success. You are one of the most hard-working signs and deserve some recognition and advancement for all the time and energy you put into your work. Gemini and Mars combined will give you some extra charm and charisma to get the things you need. In addition, your communication will likely be more influential and able to persuade people at this time.

Mercury, your ruling planet, will conjunct Jupiter on March 5th bringing with it a dose of intelligence (not that you need it, Virgo) and a general feeling of hopefulness. You might also feel your thoughts tilt toward philanthropy during this aspect.

The New Moon in Pisces lands on March 13th in your 7th House. The New Moon is an expert at giving you a fresh start. In this case, you will get a fresh start in matters relating to your 7th House. For example, you might need to start anew with a relationship or partnership of some kind. Now is the time. Take advantage of this excellent timing. Pisces will help you stay sensitive and kind as you navigate this New Moon.

Intuition is not something you’re lacking, but when Mercury, your ruling planet, enters Pisces in your solar 7th House on March 15th, you will enjoy a whole new level of intuitive thinking. Thoughts that have been eluding you about your partnerships, whether that be marriage, business partnerships, or even relationships with frenemies, will likely become clear to you in a moment of serendipity. In addition, enjoy a boost to your creativity and artistic tendencies.

The Sun will enter Aries on March 20th in the solar 8th House. This will mark the beginning of Aries season and the beginning of a new astrological year. With Aries in your 8th House, you will likely have your mind on beginnings and action-oriented decisions relating to debts, life, death, and spirituality.

On March 21st, Venus will enter Aries in your solar 8th House, turning your attention to debts, ancestry, and matters of life and death. This could take a very concrete form in terms of financial debt or getting things in order (making a will) or something similar. On the other hand, with Venus in the 8th House, driven by energetic Aries, you might find your feelings jumping to more profound thoughts on the abstract ideas of life, death, and spirituality.

Mercury will sextile Uranus on March 21st, bringing with it a dose of original thinking. You are likely already very independent and able to do things on your own, but this will make those qualities shine. Your mind will be quick and unfettered.

On March 24th, Mercury will square Mars. As one of the only negative aspects this month, try to take it easy on this day and let the aspect past. You might feel more irritable than normal and more likely to get into arguments.

The Full Moon on March 28th will land in Libra in your solar 2nd House. The Full Moon is good for revealing things that you might not have noticed. Perhaps there is something related to how you make your money or your material possessions that needs some attention. Use Libra’s charming, diplomatic energy to help you out during this Full Moon. Approach your money matters with tact.

The month will wrap up with Mercury conjunct Neptune, bringing with it some mysticism and creativity. You might feel more apt to take risks than normal. Indulge in spiritual pursuits if that’s where your mind takes you.

Overall, this month begins with a focus on the here-and-now but then takes a turn to more abstract concepts once we enter Aries season.

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