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May 2021 Sagittarius Horoscope

The last fire sign of the Zodiac, the arrows of Sagittarius show the way to a life of excitement and spirituality. These people are truth-seekers and want nothing but discovery. It’s a fun time for Sagittarius, for this month brings exactly what their soul desires the most. Your mind, my logical Sagittarius, is extremely philosophical and idealistic. The alignments of May will allow you to find the secrets that your being is dying to know.

You are curious, and that is the best thing about Sagittarius.

The month begins with Pluto retrograde on the 27th of April and continues into May. Pluto retrograde is an energetic pull that causes the forces of transformation to appear within everyone. Within Sagittarius however, it pulls in productivity! You will want to be the best at your job, in your home, in your sport. You will want to get things done and you certainly will. Sagittarius is a sign of adaptability and change, they thrive in it. Therefore Pluto’s transformative nature is business as usual for the curious mind of Sagittarius. Just don’t go too overboard and change every aspect of your life because the influences will be stronger than you can handle.

For Sagittarius, Mercury entering Gemini is going to mean communication at its finest and the words are going to dance from your tongue. Your philosophical views will be outstanding during this period and will allow you to write the most creative pieces of art. When Mercury enters Gemini on the 3rd, it is the best time for Sagittarius to focus on school, their art, or their own written work. Write poems and absorb all the knowledge from your most beloved pieces of literature. Speak your ideas into fruition. Your philosophical views combined with Mercury’s rapid intellectual nature can cause you to say or think of something revolutionary.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so when Jupiter quintiles Uranus, it brings an alignment with the Aquarian influence. Your philosophical views are going to run free. Enjoy the creativity of Aquarius in your life and the boldness of Uranus in the world. This will allow you to put your thoughts into practice in the most intelligent way. Sagittarius thrives when they can speak their mind and be in the 2nd house also allows them to do everything in an organized and logical fashion. This helps with your thoughts sounding reasonable instead of a constant ramble that no one can understand. Sagittarius, you will become an influencer of sorts. People are ready to hear what you have to say and you sure have a lot to serve them.

True Node sextiles Chiron on the 6th, forcing Sagittarius to look inwards. That’s a rare occurrence, for Sagittarius is always seeking outward entities and never looks within. Your explorative nature is a wonderful trait that many others do not possess, but it can cause you to forget about your voice inside. Because the True Node is your destiny, and Chiron represents health, you will manifest desires for betterment in the form of dreams. Dreaming is the favorite medium for self-analyzation to Sagittarius. Expect to dream about your future, about who you want to be, and about the failure that you fear. Your philosophies and thoughts are running rampant and you are wondering if your ideals are true. You will question your beliefs while generating new ones and that’s alright. Forgive yourself when you can’t seem to find the answers. Sometimes the answer is no answer.

The good news is that Venus will enter Gemini on the 8th and all will seem well once again. Your dark cloud will soften and you’ll be able to think more clearly. Although still living with a very curious and fast mind, you’ll soon appreciate yourself and feel a philosophy of self-love and indulgence. All of Venus' energy will pour into your celestial being and you’ll love yourself like never before. Buy yourself things to smell good and take care of your external layer. You’re beautiful Sagittarius, a warrior of divine quality.

The month will sail smoothly until you reach Saturn's Retrograde. This is a time to settle down with your persistent ideals of revolutionary change. Saturn’s Retrograde will allow you to take a back seat and let the universe take the wheel. This is important because a Sagittarius can sometimes cross the line from revolutionary to radical. When Saturn Retrograde’s energy begins to move backwards, it's best for Sagittarius to be with their loved ones or completely alone. Groups of friends may not be the best since Sagittarius is coming off the heights of Mercury’s influence and their words will be taken as literal mantras instead of philosophical creations. Mercury’s Retrograde beginning on the 29th will bring an end to your philosophical venture. It will soften your view and may even make you think some of your revolutionary ideas are outrageous. That’s normal, but your beautiful ideas were not outrageous. It’s just your transformative nature to feel that way and to express such new and interesting ways of thinking.

Sagittarius, the warrior of truth and curiosity, you will find that you can become the next Aristotle or Socrates. But slow your roll at times and understand that this world isn’t prepared for your bold ways of thinking. One day they’ll realize that you had it right all along.

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