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May 2021 Taurus Horoscope

Ah, the season of Venus. The garden of self-care, sensuality, love, aesthetics, and eloquence. This is the time of year where you host all the other zodiacs in your house. As the attentive and graceful host that you are, you will present an abundance of your qualities during your spotlight. Taurus season is when the Bull reaches its full physical potential and their ambitions thrive. May will bring Taurus self-wellness, beautification, strong logic, and materials for your health. The 2nd house is the divine land in which you rule, and anyone who enters your life during this time will require a certain level of logic and IQ.

Gracious Bull, your strides will be elegant and long. Your influence will fall onto every zodiac and all the flowers will bloom just for you.

At the end of April, Pluto’s retrograde will begin on the 27th and continue its journey backwards throughout the month of May. This usually brings a time of metamorphosis for the zodiacs, causing them to destroy negative entities and pursue divine change. However, this butterfly effect does not occur the same within Taurus. The Bull is different from other signs in the aspect of self-change and progress. You’re constantly on the path of self-improvement and Pluto’s retrograde will be mainly a progressionary movement for you. Because your spirit is ruled by aesthetics, most of your downtime is spent evaluating yourself internally and externally. Due to this constant betterment, the destructive forces of Pluto will not reach you. You’re constantly on the path of spiritual enlightenment, meaning you won’t have any deep soul-cleansing to do and any demons that have risen in you are always exiled before Pluto has the chance to move backwards. What is supposed to be a life-changing event for most zodiacs is a regular week for Taurus. Expect for life to feel as usual, but perhaps with an espresso shot.

On the 5th of May, Jupiter quintiles Uranus bringing a sea of cerebral activity for the zodiacs. Taurus, your clarity and logical mind is going to reach its full strength, meaning your expectation of logic from others will become a requirement. The Bull, who is ruled by Venus, is composed of love that is led by the heart’s desires. During this planetary alignment, you will rule this love with your mind instead of your heart. When Taurus logic is pushed to max performance it becomes a pleasant environment for all the zodiacs living in the 2nd house. If Taurus ruled the world during Jupiter quintile Uranus, then there would be no traffic, crime rates would go down, and the economy would be booming. But pay closer attention to the inner mechanisms of yourself, Taurus, when True Node (North Node) sextiles Chiron on the 6th. Chiron, which represents your manifestation of destiny, resembles the tasks of the North Star bringing direction to your life. The True Node is about wellness and health, so together they bring a stellar alignment that creates a destiny to wellness for the Bull.

Since Taurus is a sign of materials, expect to be attracted to new skin-care products and fads during the month of May. Products for the beautiful Venus to stay looking ethereal and feeling heavenly will be a must. Even though Taurus is already excellent at taking care of themselves, this alignment combined with the New Moon on the 11th can bring an overhaul of products or a complete transition to a new healthcare regimen. Your logically dominated mind will begin to think ahead into the future and how you can best prepare your body for the years ahead.

The universe would argue that Taurus is the most fun whenever they enter Gemini. Venus is a planet ruled by the influence of the heart, but Gemini thrives in the systems of the mind. Instead of clashing, these two energies combine to put a communicative and intellectual spin on interactions and relationships. This is exactly what will happen when Venus enters Gemini on the 8th, causing the Bull to become talkative and flirty. If a Taurus is single at this time, they will become extremely seductive and flirty, trying to entertain their minds as a Gemini would with the reactions of others. If a Taurus is in a relationship, it most likely means an abundance of sexual chemistry with your partner and fun outfits in the bedroom. Taurus, the influence of Gemini will allow you to bring reinvigoration into your closest relationships.

The only time Taurus will face true contemplation this month is towards the end, when planetary alignments cause a reckoning on the zodiacs. During the New Moon, Taurus reassessed its health and path towards betterment, so Saturn’s retrograde on the 23rd will have you using the reassessments from the New Moon and putting them into practice. Saturn’s movement will influence you to work out and get in shape, but you’ll feel incredibly overwhelmed by the task. Saturn is also karmic and the energy you’ve been putting into the world will fall back on you, so be kind. The Blood Moon occurring on the 26th can bring uncertainty at times, but this alignment will not affect your logic because of the planning done during True Node sextiling Chiron. This means, Taurus, that minor setbacks will have a plan b and c. Mercury retrograde, however, will bring to light a slight short-temper for you. When the whole world is going haywire, the lack of universal logic will annoy the Taurus. You’re not going to be in the mood for miscommunication, you won’t even entertain it.

Taurus, the stubborn but beautiful Bull, feel comfortable knowing that you are ruling this month and a little piece of you is within everyone. Your incredible influence over others will bring you happiness, as a world that matches your values is a land you only witness in your dreams. Bask in its glory and feed from the beauty and light you bring onto others.

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