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♊ Gemini Health Horoscope 2022

Without getting too serious and spooky, this year is not the year to take your health lightly. Things might get a little complicated with the Lunar Nodes shifting into a new sign and entering your 6th and 12th house of physical and mental health. The North Node transit through the 12th house can make our minds overactive and chatty, creating restlessness and sometimes even anxiety. Now, the South Node is on the one in your 6th house. This is the harsher of the nodes, and it can leave you malaised and depleted. Knowing that this is a year to worry more about taking care of yourself and less about accomplishing the next biggest goal out there.

Just having this transit, of course, won't trigger the worst-case scenario just like that. While medical astrology works more on a case to case, and therefore, chart to chart basis, just looking at horoscopes isn't enough to say you should be concerned. Still, when it comes to Nodes, they can be no joke. They represent the sky's points where eclipses happen, and the idea of release and darkness is closely associated with them. Navigating through this could be a strenuous process. However, the primary goal of the eclipses is to trigger evolution and karma. Whatever situation you might be about to face, especially if it comes to your body, is here to challenge you and strengthen you. Be bold, these transits are easy, but they can also be rewarding.

One transit you need to pay close attention to is the triple conjunction happening in your 12th house. This is happening between Mars, Uranus, and the North Node and can make for quite a hyperactive mind. This transit can be a little rough on your mental health so take the time you need to get yourself feeling good and confident. Mars transit can make us prone to anger issues and—depending on your chart— even mania. With that said, it would be wise to avoid travelling in August. According to ancient texts, transits to this house can trigger sickness overseas. Given the unstable Uranian nature of this transit, it's better to stay safe than sorry.

This transit can seem somewhat daunting, but it should be much less worrying for the Gemini born during the night. Moreover, unless you are 23, 35, 47, and 59, the 12th place is generally more inactive. Still, if you feel something is wrong, don't hesitate to seek assistance from a professional. And like always, a good diet and regular exercise will go a long way.

With all of that in mind, 2022 could require some extra attention from some of you, Gemini. Still, don't let any of these predictions scare you or paralyze you. These forecasts only point at likely scenarios, and for the most part, giving a little extra care to your health, mental or otherwise, is inarguably positive. If you do cross through some more psychologically challenging times this year, know that you have the power to come around and change your life for the better always. Be gentle, and good luck, Gemini.

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