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♊ Gemini Money Horoscope 2022

In 2022, Gemini's bank account might have a good case of mood swings. Especially for those of you who are 25,37, or 49, you might experience a rocky road through 2022. However, as unstable as it may feel in the moment when you get to the end of the year and see the complete picture of your progress, you'll definitely see how far you advanced. So, the best advice for 2022, is to stay calm and know things are moving upwards anytime something shaky comes up. The good news is that the first quarter of the year will be the best. Jupiter will be making a trine aspect to your 2nd house from January to April. This allows the planet of good luck to bring some good momentary stability. Knowing that, plan to save in the first quarter, so you have some backup funds later in the year. This doesn't mean you're up for a crisis—it's far from that. Still, this extra cash will provide the comfortability that Jupiter won't be giving to your house of finances once it enters your 11th house.

With that said, Jupiter transiting through your 11th house might also be good, albeit in different ways. Especially if you have any planets in your 2nd house, Jupiter will be squaring it. This can show as opportunities for profit when working with other people. You could be working with a friend on something new, or alternatively, they might find you a gig aligned with your long-term goals. However, if you were born during the night, this transit can make things somewhat complicated. It may be suitable for money, but there could be a clash of egos. If you were born in the morning, those challenges could be inexistent or heavily softened. Either way, it's an opportunity that does indicate gain for some of you. The first week of June is the most promising for profit, but also the most for conflict. Try your best to not let emotions get in the way of business.

If you want to wait for a better time for closing a client or dealing with any other financial matters, the end of June looks the most promising. The New Moon in Cancer will be squaring Jupiter, and Mars will be far enough that his harsh and hot-headed influence is somewhat cooled. The Gemini who were born in the morning will definitely benefit the most out of this transit, but the end of the month should still be much less prone to arguments and clashes.

The rest of the year looks relatively neutral. Venus will transit through your 2nd house in July, which should be the apex of the years' upward trend. If you're into keeping track of the Moon, that would be definitely advantageous for the year going ahead—and even longer if you'd like. She's the ruler of your 2nd house, and she can be a little finicky. Waxing moons are always suitable for investment. While waning moons, not so much. If you use this as a guide for working on your finances, you'll end up with a system that flows well and encourages saving. Maybe try it out in 2022, Gemini. Who knows? Perhaps you'll see some improvements.

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