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Aries and money go hand in hand. With Venus, the planet of luxuries and all the fine things in life being the one responsible for your 2nd house of livelihood and finances, we're bound to expect a sign that knows what it likes and does all it can to get it. Aries has the drive needed to conquer any obstacles it faces, although it might struggle to properly assess financial needs with a long-term mindset.

With that being said, this year, you have Jupiter transiting through your 2nd house for most of the year. Especially for those of you who were born during the day, this can be a time of overflowing abundance. You can expect to be at the right place at the right time and have profit opportunities feel like they're being handed out to you almost effortlessly. As much as that may sound like a dream come true, Jupiter is also prone to make us spend just as much we're gaining. Especially if you were born at night, this more troublesome side of the Great Benefic planet might be tricky to navigate.

A good thing to keep in mind is that long-term perspective. This year it will be crucial for you to learn a lesson or two on spending your money wisely. Jupiter is just as much the planet of abundance as it is the planet of Wisdom. Since this wave of good luck doesn't come around every year (it only shows up every 12 years, actually), you'll want to stockpile or find a way to multiply those earning, whether through investment or by spending it towards a project that could render more profit in the future.

The northern hemisphere's summertime will perhaps be the more tasking time of the year, even if it might not feel like it. The main reason I say this is because Venus —the planet responsible for your earnings— will go retrograde in your 5th house.

With the bad online reputation of Mercury retrogrades, you might be conditioned to expect all retrogrades to be bad, but this one is as good as it can get. Whenever Venus is retrograde, she moves a lot slower, meaning she'll stay at your 5th house for a lot longer than she usually would. This is auspicious due to her status in such a house. The 5th place is the house where Venus rejoices because the topics of that area are related to all the things she likes: pleasure, parties, artistic creativity and sexuality. Now, the challenge of this transit will be learning how to be responsible. The summer might be so exhilarating that you might find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of frivolous expenses and inebriated purchases. This is what you'll have to be careful with. Do not overdo the 5th house, or it will have some consequences.

Because the 5th house is also related to matters pertaining to children, those of you who run a family or work with children might also have extra expenses related to those topics.

The retrograde goes from the 22nd of July to the 3rd of September, so make sure to be extra attentive around that time. This transit is most important if you are 25, 37, 49 or 61. If any other age, this can be a more subtle energy you'll have to deal with.

Another pivotal moment you want to pay attention to (especially if you're any of the ages listed above) will be the Taurus Full Moon of the 28th of October. If you weren't careful with your expenses earlier in the year, this could very likely be a time where some bills and loans might demand to be repaid. This is especially true for school or travel expenses.

Even if this horoscope might've come with a few disclaimers, 2023 is an overall positive year for Aries' finances. But if you only coast through the year and miss out on the opportunity to maximize your earnings, you could very well end up regretting some of the good times the year had in store for you. Either way, get ready for the good vibes. Good luck, Aries!

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