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🦀 Cancer – The Crab

A Cancer is born between 6/21 and 7/22 and is a Water Sign. Intuitive and loyal, if you can capture the heart of Cancer you’ll have a devoted lover that likes nothing better than to shower you with attention. The Crab will understand how you’re feeling without a word. To keep your Cancer happy, you must be loyal and willing to hang out at home with it.

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Cancer Compatibility Attributes

Cancer Characteristics

The high level of empathy of the Crab makes it seem almost psychic when it comes to knowing just how you feel. Of course, this can be a double-edged sword as sometimes a person just wants to keep feelings to themselves. This open window into your heart gives Cancer the ability to make you feel like you’re the most important person in the universe when the Crab wishes. Fortunately, sensitive Cancer has an exacting sense of integrity and it won’t often take advantage of its power over people.

Because emotion is such a key part of Cancer’s makeup, the Crab struggles with control in this area. Cancer is prone to wild mood swings, experiencing both swooping highs and plunging lows - sometimes within moments of one another. It is important that a person interested in catching a Crab is able to maintain their own equilibrium during these variations and not get pulled into Cancer’s emotional distress.

Loyalty is of utmost importance to Cancer and any infidelity on the part of its mate will send the Crab into an emotional freefall, although it probably won’t actually end the relationship. Cancer is quite clingy and will intertwine its life with that of its partner in such a way as to make it most painful to disentangle. Making a clean break with the Crab just doesn’t happen and Cancer will attempt to maintain some kind of relationship with you even after it is all over.


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Cancer Compatibility - Elements that Attract the Crab

Elements that Attract the Crab

The first thing a Crab will notice about you is your open, genuine smile. The Crab enjoys a good flirt and will respond with the full measure of its remarkable charm. Even if you keep the conversation light, it’s likely that Cancer will be able to tell what’s behind that smiling face of yours, happy or sad. Don’t worry about trying to hide your pain, the Crab isn’t afraid of any emotion and won’t spurn you if you’re in a period of emotional angst yourself. At the same time, it’s not a good idea to do a lot of complaining about your hardships. Cancer has its own problems and can’t always take on those of anyone else

It’s important to demonstrate you have a good moral foundation if you want to foster Cancer’s interest. The Crab is very loyal, and its romantic attachment is quite profound so it’s important to Cancer that its partner be trustworthy. Cancer will watch very carefully that your words match your deeds and will detect any hint of a more lackadaisical attitude when it comes to your honor. The Crab is unlikely to trust its heart to someone who might not take good care of it.

Cancer is a true homebody. The Crab loves creating and decorating a cozy retreat and once finished, is quite determined to take full advantage of it. If you demonstrate your domestic skills such as cooking an exquisite meal or helping Cancer with cleaning up, you will certainly endear yourself to the sensitive Crab. Cancer’s home is the place where it is most likely to relax and let you see deeper into itself than any other place on earth. The Crab will happily reward its mate for staying home by pampering and flooding them with affection.


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Cancer Compatibility - Elements that Repel the Crab
Elements that Repel the Crab

The Crab is generally uninterested in shallow persons. That’s not to say that you must match Cancer in its deep emotionality, just that you should have interests and aspirations that really matter. The Crab is unlikely to get excited by a fashion show or what your favorite celebrity couple is up to. Cancer is interested in more noble pursuits and thoughtful philosophical conversations. You don’t have to be blindingly brilliant or extremely well-read, but you’d better be prepared to show there’s more to you that meets the eye.

The fastest way to make the Crab run for the hills is to display a dramatic loss of emotional control. Cancer believes that such an exhibition indicates you don’t actually feel deeply but are seeking attention instead. While Cancer certainly struggles with emotional ups and downs, these variations are seldom dramatic. The empathic Crab is ill-equipped to deal with a flamboyantly emotional partner as it tends to absorb some of the feeling that surrounds it. Cancer needs a partner that can maintain balance and support it during the times it is in emotional turmoil.

Since Cancer feels so deeply, it’s of paramount importance that its partner is capable of protecting the relationship. The Crab enters into every relationship with the full intention of its lasting a lifetime. If the Crab feels that you are incapable of loyalty or aren’t truthful, Cancer will not bestow its love upon you. Under the guise of concern and casual curiosity, the Crab will carefully interview you about your past relationships. Don’t even attempt to prevaricate here as intuitive Cancer will know immediately and this alone will give it the impression that you are not to be trusted. Be honest and forthright about your past failings and show the Crab that you have grown beyond such behavior and Cancer’s respect will only increase.


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Cancer Compatibility - It’s All About Emotion
Catching a Crab - It’s All About Emotion

As is a typical Water sign, emotion rules the Crab. Cancer feels everything deeply but may have great difficulty expressing what is actually going on inside. When captured, there isn’t a more loyal, devoted partner in the Zodiac. The Crab will shower you with attention and perform many little acts of kindness. Show your own fondness openly, guard your integrity, and keep control of your own emotions and you will have a true love for a lifetime.

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