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🐐 Capricorn – The Goat

Born between December 22nd and January 20th, ambition and stability are the hallmarks of Capricorn. The Goat always wants the best of everything and is willing to put in the work to get it. If you’re looking to catch the careful Capricorn, you will need to bring your patience and integrity with you. Be prepared to spend a fair amount of time proving that you are trustworthy and ready for the kind of solid relationship Capricorn insists upon. Capricorns are attracted to those who are similar to themselves – it’s a comfort thing. The ambitious Goat is also impressed by people with prestige in most any field, so if you excel at anything – don’t keep it to yourself.

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Capricorn Compatibility Attributes

Elements that Attract the Goat

The first thing you will notice when you attempt to romantically attach a Capricorn is that the task definitely isn’t a sprint. The Goat is practically incapable of making a rash decision. Every aspect is carefully scrutinized from every possible angle before a move is made. Although an ardent lover when committed, Capricorn carefully guards its feelings from the world at large. The Goat isn’t interested in one-night stands and would prefer being alone to being paired with an incompatible partner.

While not all Capricorns are wealthy, you can bet they have a good handle on their finances, and they look for that in a partner as well. Be prepared to answer questions about your earnings and other aspects of your finances. This isn’t snobbery, it’s simply Capricorn’s way of discovering if partnering with you would jeopardize all the hard work the Goat has put into its own life. After all, Capricorn considers any relationship, even a romantic one logically at first. Poor finances isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker but be prepared for the Goat to take over if you join forces. If you’re looking for a partner that will help you organize your life, Capricorn is a shining star.

Integrity is at the forefront of Capricorn’s list of “Must Haves” in a partner. The Goat will not lie to you and will expect the same courtesy. One of the most delightful aspects of a relationship with Capricorn is the assurance that your partner will faithfully follow through on any promise they make. The Goat is highly protective and loyal to a fault once it commits to your partnership.

The Goat loves a cozy home life and will create a snug home for itself even when single. Neat and orderly surroundings are not just a preference for Capricorn, but a downright necessity. Capricorn prefers cuddling on the couch or a night of passionate lovemaking to going to the club. Demonstrating your love of home and ability to keep it neat and tidy will go a long way toward winning the domestic Goat’s heart.


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Capricorn Compatibility - Elements that Repel the Goat

Elements that Repel the Goat

Since Capricorn so carefully considers every possible outcome of its decisions before any action is taken, it’s nearly impossible to trick the cautious Goat into an unwise relationship. Before committing to you, Capricorn will have carefully studied everything you say and do during the time you spend together. Rest assured, if you should land a Capricorn, it will be with full knowledge of all your flaws and quirks.

First and foremost, the Goat requires integrity in any kind of partner, but especially a romantic one. Nothing will make a Capricorn disappear faster than disloyalty or deceit. Capricorn notices everything and has an amazing memory, so the Goat will catch you eventually in any dishonesty. Once you’ve proven that you are unworthy in this way, you will find your Goat quickly climbs away. Integrity also includes following through on your word, so be very careful about making promises.

Being a highly domestic creature, Capricorn wants a partner that enjoys hanging out at home. While happy to indulge you in nightlife or events occasionally, the Goat finds these events tiring and isn’t the partner for someone who wants to go out constantly. If you’re willing to stay in, Capricorn will see to it that you have a comfortable nest and a highly obliging lover to make it fun. The Goat enjoys solitude and won’t object to your doing things on your own, but make sure you are scrupulously honest about your activities.

Even though Capricorns have deep emotions, logic rules even in romance. The Goat loves to pamper and indulge its partner but will not do so if it puts a strain on finances. Capricorn believes security is better than diamonds and is careful to make sure you have it. No worrying about paying the rent or having the electricity shut off with your Goat. If you tend toward extravagant spending, you may find Capricorn trotting away lest you squander that hard-earned nest egg.


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Capricorn Compatibility - Great Times with Capricorn
Great Times with Capricorn

Capricorns love puzzles and games. You might consider playing chess or checkers at the local coffee shop, but make sure you brush up beforehand so you can give your Goat a bit of a mental workout. Capricorn isn’t as competitive as some of the other signs, but they truly love a challenge.

Taking a class together is another great way to bring your Capricorn closer to you. Always eager to acquire new skills, the Goat will respond best to a class in something practical. Domestic arts are especially attractive so cooking or gardening class is a likely candidate. For a little more adventure, perhaps suggest a self-defense or martial arts class.

Despite its serious exterior, Capricorn can be very much the child at heart when it comes to instant gratification. A trip to a candy shop or a day at the local amusement park will allow the Goat to let that inner child out to play with you. Capricorn will love you for this as long as you don’t push to stay too long. The Goat finds crowds tiring and may not want to stay all day.


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Capricorn Compatibility - It’s All About Success
Captivating a Capricorn - It’s All About Success

Capricorn is a solid as the Earth that rules it. If you’re lucky enough to catch a Goat, you’ll find you have a loyal partner that supports you in both professional and domestic life as well as a passionate lover. You will always be cherished, and your needs considered. While it is not easy to break through that tough shell, committed Capricorn is definitely worth the work.

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