Horoscope for January 2013

2013 January Horoscope

Free January 2013 monthly Horoscope

Monthly January 2013 Horoscope
Monthly January 2013 Horoscope

Despite efforts around the world to bring the economy back on track, 2013 and the month of January will have many surprises that are not so good. Things will continue to be scary during January 2013 and politicians will stand around arguing and thinking they way is the only right way. Things will not get done as they should and the populations will suffer. Thus is due to the continuing influence of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is associated with global events and money and Capricorn with governments and political structure.

There may be spots of intense communication and education and learning are highly admired this month. Usually this is the start of a new school year and if you are contemplating changing careers or advances this month is the best month of the year to begin. January is always a new beginning and you should take advantage of it.

The housing industry is starting to rebound a bit and January will be a good month to think about relocating and finding a place at an exceptional deal. The interest rates are still low; this is an advantage to many. Big business will continue to get bigger and more prosperous but this will not significantly help the "little" people. Keep working hard during January to ensure a prosperous 2013.

As Neptune begins to inch forward into Pisces home, welfare and charitable causes will start to be emphasized in January. You will find that you need to reassess your values and become a citizen of the world; take care of those who have so much less than you do.

Relationships will be deepened in January 2013 if you let them. Take time to be with family and teach them what they should know to be self sufficient and protected. Don't let the horrors of the world reach your children, but teach them to by sympathetic and chartable.

Learn to prepare to be self-sufficient and take advantage of home storage ideas that are prominent in January. It is predicted that 2013 will be a year of advancing and highly severe tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes. Only those who are prepared will be ready to take care of themselves and their families. January is also a month to go to seminars on how to take care of yourselves aned how to enhance what you have. Go and listen.

Start a new exercise regimine in January 2013. This could include yoga which will tach ou how to be flexible, balanced and happy. Learn the methods of balance that will enhance your life. Start in January; and you will find that you want to keep going. Meditate and listen to your innerself. This is the best advice for the rest of the year.

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