2013 Horoscope for Leo Zodiac Sign

2013 Horoscope Leo

Astrology forecast for the 2013, the year of the Black Water SNAKE

For Leo 2013 year of the black Snake is going to be a year of transformation.

Leo 2013 Horoscope

We are all here to evolve and transform. To become better versions of ourselves. Our Higher Selves are there to guide us through intuition and synchronicity. Expect 2013 horoscope to be pivotal in your personal development. Remember we can learn through suffering or we can learn through Joy. This 2013 year of Snake it is your choice.

Pluto is the major player for Leo this 2013 year. In Astrology Pluto represents our soul. To see what your Soul, the Higher part of you has intended for your life, this current incarnation. You can look to where Pluto is in your natal chart. Much can be told about past lives and current intentions from studying only this element in the birth chart. When Pluto is active it is time to grow. Sweep the cobwebs from the corners of your life. Abandon people, projects, and lifestyles that no longer support your growth. Growth is continuous, even death is growth, a transition to the next level. Age is no excuse for complacency. Much can be accomplished in the last phase of physical reality, you can kick a bad habit, change the way you communicate, start yoga, try acupuncture, write, study, offer insight. This year you are growing. Lean into the change, choose Joy.

Mercury, planet of communication, in 2013 horoscope is residing in soft sensitive Cancer. This 2013 year of Snake focus on home and family will be paramount. You will feel more introverted and protective of yourself this year. Rather unlike your usually social self. Getting back to your roots will seem important. Pluto is opposite these urges to retreat, confusing you. Part of you wants to stay home, but an equally strong part of you is yearning to travel. You want to understand more about how the world operates, perhaps develop a spiritual philosophy that supports your life. When an opposition is active its feels like pushing and pulling- being at odds with yourself. But if you maneuver the energy properly you can actually expand to fit this and that. It does not have to be either/or.

As stated Leo 2013 horoscope the planet Mars, action seeking initiator, will also be opposite in Cancer. Looks like this 2013 year of the black Snake Leo will find your urge to put energy into your home all consuming. Maybe you renovate, or move spaces around. You could become very interested in feng shui, the ancient art of purposefully organizing the energy that surrounds us. Use the Mars usual outward urge to go inward as much as possible. Pluto being opposite this can be a powerful force for active all encompassing change. Leos are being challenged to build something of lasting value. To put away childish behaviors and step into your power. Build your empire. Look to the future to see where you want to arrive. Who do you choose to be? What kind of relationships surround you? Are you living up to your full potential? Do you contribute in some meaningful way to society? Are you involved in your community? Do you express yourself creatively? The big questions are upon you. Now you must take the reigns of your life. Now it is time for full responsibility and focused action. The key to dealing with Pluto is to always consider how your actions might benefit others. Purely selfish choices will backlash. It is in these ways we unknowingly choose suffering.

Saturn is making helpful aspects to important players in Leo 2013 horoscope chart this year of the Snake. Saturn is the task master, our teacher, our father, whatever has authority over us. No one likes to bossed around, especially not a Leo. Saturn can make you feel that way if you externalize the energy. But if practice self discipline, setting your own boundaries, you can use this energy to fortify and strengthen you. Balance your books, start a cleanse, exercise, dump someone, whatever requires discipline will use the Saturn energy well. Saturn can also be the part of you aware of aging, the part aware of death. Saturn is active when we feel alone, or abandoned, somehow we are deprived or lacking.

For some reason our sense of being unworthy is activated. We all have an inner reject that we try to repress. At some point somewhere along the line you were rejected and that leaves a scar that can hinder you. Getting in touch with the painful parts of ourselves helps to liberate the energy that was squelched when the wound occurred. Allow yourself to spend some time really feeling your feelings- breath into them, do not escape into addictive behaviour. Face your feelings squarely, bravely acknowledge your pain. Hug your inner child. 2013 year of the black Snake puts you on track to becoming who you were always meant to be- Now you can fulfill your potential. Embrace change!

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