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2014 October Horoscope

Free October 2014 monthly Horoscope

Monthly October 2014 Horoscope
Monthly October 2014 Horoscope

In comparison with the previous periods, October 2014 will be a month of harmony both in the combined and in the energetic view. Moderate positivity will meet in an unending quarrel with negativity of practically equal astral power. On one side, this makes the whole situation relatively stable and stability is not the worst factor by itself. At the same time, you got to consider that if the influence of antagonistic elements is equal, then the lion's share of events will depend on the person themselves, which is always positive. In other words, in October 2014 all of the zodiac Houses will be in such a situation where the external circumstances are only a background (active to the smallest degree), while the main events will arise from their own wishes and actions. Although, of course, there will be enough planets on the celestial band which will choose to grant Earth exclusively positive energetic emanations. Among the most significant ones are the Sun and the Moon. The ruler of the sky and his little sister will be responsible for the wellbeing of the mankind, alternating in their defense of the astral field of Earth from negative influences. Uranus is also notable, which in this month will become an unexpectedly active celestial body and without a specific focus will help many solve their most serious problems.

Speaking of "celestial leaders", we should note that only one trigon will lack an additional protector in October 2014 - the Fire trigon. While such a situation is not a prevailing factor, nevertheless it is quite obvious that it is better to have a "celestial leader" than to go on without one. The Fire signs must always remember this when creating their plans for this period. The Water trigon will call Venus its "celestial leader", which will most definitely focus all of its positivity on the sphere of personal relationships. The signs of this element will thus have a good aid in solving their heart's problems. The Earth trigon will receive Uranus as its additional patron. Yes, that very same Uranus that will distinguish himself during this period with excessive activity and positivity. It is hard to say what will come out of this, but the benefits of the situation are quite obvious. The Air trigon will get a "celestial leader" that many astrologists consider to be a dangerous and an ambiguous ally. This is the Black Moon. Although in October 2014 the influence of this astral body will most likely be defined and positive due to the combinations in which its light twin - the Moon is participating. So the signs of the Air trigon may confidently aspire to have an additional patron.

In regards to the celestial bodies that will have a negative attitude towards the earthlings, their sum negativity will be in many ways equal to the forecasted sum positivity. To speak more precisely, then the Sun and the Moon will go against Mars and Neptune. Both of these planets will focus waves of active negative energy on the sphere of entrepreneurship and business, which should be considered by those that are somehow connected with this direction. We should also note Saturn. The ruler of the rivers of time will be an energetic equal to Venus. However, if the love priestess will focus its flows on the "love front", the ruler of time will spread his emanations equally.

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