2015 Sagittarius Good & Bad Days Horoscope

2015 good day horoscope for sagittarius
Unfortunately, Sagittarius, youíve been pegged by the cosmos as Saturnís next ďvictimĒ, as it enters your sign and gets too comfortable for your liking on September 18. Saturn in your sign means that anything, and everything, can and will go wrong, and nothing will go your way. Itís a crappy time for you, and unfortunately thereís not much you can do about it. However, by basically making good choices and being a responsible person, you can avoid most of the pitfalls youíll tend to experience at this time. One bit of good news though: you have practically the whole year to prepare for this event, so make sure you do! The next transit to keep an eye out for is Neptune entering Pisces, or at a square to your sign, from June 11 to November 18. Fantasies and delusions will dominate your life during this event, which is no good for those who like to get things done. You bite off more than you can chew, as you think you can do one thing, but you really canít. It leaves you open to many attacks from others as well, especially those who live to put you down. Especially during this time, donít do anything important. If you must though, stick to the beginning of the year, as you wonít be in such a foggy state. Lastly, we have the ever infamous Mercury retrograde. For those who donít know what this is, the Mercury retrograde is the best time for miscommunications and fights, as no one seems to understand each other. Sagittarius, this particular one is harder for you though, because it happens in your opposite sign, Gemini. This is slated to happen May 19-June 11. Communication, as always, is off. Because of this, youíll be vulnerable to constant fights with others, especially those youíre close to. Also, any ideas that you have at this time will be shot down immediately, without any room for rebuttal. Itíll basically feel like the world is against you, and you donít know why. Donít get too down, though, this wonít last forever.

In January, watch your mouth around mid to late month. Everything you say keeps offending people, and although you donít think that what youíre saying is bad, everyone else has a different opinion. Thinking before you speak should be your number one priority right now. Unfortunately, that doesnít come natural to you, so youíre forced to make that judgment on your own. If all else fails, thereís always keeping your opinions to yourself and keep quiet as much as possible. That option always wins.

February has you wanting to be around friends and family, mainly during the beginning of the month. Youíll feel like a homebody, and will want to spend most of your energy at home as opposed to anywhere else. The second half of the month has you feeling fun and wanting to constantly have a good time. You definitely deserve to let loose a bit, so go ahead and let off steam! But, whether youíre planning on staying home or going out, you donít want to venture too far out of your comfort zone this month, so try to stay at familiar places so you can relax and enjoy.

The solar eclipse on March 20 has you feeling great and relaxed. Youíll want to have more ďmeĒ time during this time, and itíll give you a very relaxing state. This feeling comes from times in the past that had you frustrated and stressed, and you are ready for a break from everything. Luckily for you, this feeling will last a good six months, so get ready to kick your shoes off and sink into relaxation!

April has you looking at your future, but in a more realistic tone. Everything that youíve dreamed of doing require a bit more work than you thought, and youíll need to follow through with what you do. You look through everything youíve had on your mind to do in your life and you assess what you can and cannot do. But, more than likely, these are dreams you have yet to work on, so pushing them off the table shouldnít be too hard. Rehash and reload your goals and dreams, maybe even create new, more feasible ones. Although it shouldnít be a hard change to do, youíll become emotional, albeit hopeful, about it. Just remember that you are doing it for the good of your future.

May brings to us the most annoying planetary transit, Mercury retrograde, on the 19th. Everyone annoys you to no end, and youíll constantly be on the urge of freaking out. You have a feeling that everyone is picking on you purposely, and while it may very well be the case with a few people, more often than not itís you thatís causing all the issues in your head. Is there a problem that youíve been constantly trying to avoid? This is probably the cause of your angst, and in order for the annoyance to go away, youíll have to fix the issue that youíve been ignoring/

Now that youíre halfway through 2015, June has you mulling over the past and looking at everything youíve been through. With Mercuryís retrograde leaving on the 11th, youíll have a clearer head to look through what has happened over the past couple of years. Youíll be able to understand the motives of it all. Since you have much less on your plate now, you can take on another life path freely and happily.

Over the past couple months, youíve been re-evaluating your life and figuring out whatís going on with it. You have a brand new outlook on life, and in July, especially at the end of the month, youíll be in for a shock: that energy that has basically transformed your life will disappear. But, unlike other energy endings, what youíve accomplished will stay with you for a long, long time to come, and youíll be able to take what youíve done and work with it.

Jupiter enters Virgo in August, on the 11th to be exact. This is a great time for you to expand on your career and your goals. The opportunities presented to you will be very beneficial to you, should you decide to utilize them. You also have the great opportunity to make things happen right now, and not only do you have the opportunity, you have the drive and the energy to make it happen. The potential is unlimited right now, and you might want to take advantage of this before the energy goes away permanently.

In September, youíll have one of the most trying transits entering your sign. Saturn enters on the 18th, and it makes your month so much harder. You question everything, including your new, once-feasible dreams and goals. You start wondering if anything you wanted before is even attainable, and your lack of progress (or so you think) is not up to your standards, so youíre ready to give up. You feel out of sorts, and itís only the beginning. Donít bank on making a decision right now, itís not the right time. Wait for a more stable time, one when youíre not so emotional. Youíll regret any decision you make during this time, so make sure to save it.

October shows what the Saturn transit really has in store for you, especially in the beginning of the month. This time will be filled with all sorts of obstacles, and it will put a huge damper in any kind of self-esteem you have. Growing up is a big part of this point in your life, and if you donít handle it right, it will make this time much more difficult for you. But, having a good time, while still maintaining your grown-up status, everything will go much smoother for you.

Once again, youíre thinking about your future in November, Sagittarius. Your goals come back on the table, and youíre feeling more optimistic about everything now. Youíre ready to make the necessary sacrifices, and youíll be able to be more practical now. Youíre all about being realistic now, and you can see everything pretty clearly. You have a plan now, and youíre ready to use it.

December brings yet another opportunity your way, but this time, you have the option of whether or not you want to take it. It wonít be an easy one to take on, so if you decide to take that chance, you better be ready to work. It is time-consuming, but it will definitely be worth it in the end. But, word for the wise, if you donít have any more room left on your plate, donít take this opportunity on. It will likely go unfinished if you donít have the proper time to dedicate to it. This is especially so if youíre not fully committed to the opportunity at hand.

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