2016 Horoscope for Horse Zodiac Sign

2016 Horoscope Horse

Chinese 2016 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Horse, for the 2016 Red Fire MONKEY Year

Year of the Monkey 2016 for those born under sign of Horse (1930, 1942, 1954.1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014)
Those born under sign of Horse, at year of Monkey 2016, will not save by their "golden hands", but by their "golden fingers", more precisely by a finger - the middle one. The universal gesture with this finger will replace successfully magic wand, chasing bad mood, clearing problems and taking away annoying people. If you learn to use it properly this gesture will surprise you finding you can return to your home early, without having to do another?s work, and your free time will be much more enjoyable with your beloved persons. Higher forces clearly want Horses hold pleasant relations throughout the year, using available time and financial resources in order to rebuild their lives. Horoscope advice avoiding energy vampires (although if you meet real vampires, not recommended contacting them). If you, Horse, spent entire year of Monkey helping others and not let even a little for yourself, you will be in the position of millionaire who donated all his possessions to charity and now hides their necessity in a box under the refrigerator. Even neighbor yesterday loving, praising and extolling you, now refuses to share with you a piece of bread. The sponsor Year of Monkey 2016 is significantly selfish, so that the generosity and sacrifice will not enter into ecstasy. Never forget that in a warm stall, also with hay nobody will bother you, so remove your rose-colored glasses and say goodbye to that position towards life which declares that "man is the brother of man, comrade and friend" . Some healthy self-esteem, obviously, not be amiss.

In the loving plane, year of Monkey 2016 will be one of the most favorable periods for stallions. People will love and appreciate Horses for its natural traits: curiosity, easy character, joy and optimism. You, Horse, will not hear from your better half criticisms such as that you do not have such a beautiful striped skin, like Tiger, or an elegant tail like Rooster. Your partner will understand that nature gives each one own, and so she could share with you the most positive qualities. Single representatives this horoscope sign advised to trust on their own charisma and ability to lead a relaxed chat. If someone says that conquest sympathy opposite sex - is a tedious, expensive and heavy subject, please make these words deaf ears. The problem of this unhappy fellow is that was not born under Horse sign according Eastern astrology, since this Zodiac sign in the year of the Monkey will not feeling stress on relationships. Do not think that things easily obtained have poor quality, although in our lives often such a rule applies. Chinese horoscope says that at year of Monkey 2016 not all benefits falling on Horses will come from commercial transactions, which do not tempt anyone of them, moreover will be a precious gift of fate.

You, Horse, also at working area will be a strong personality, industrious and determined as before. Monkey turn your office place into a giant racetrack, so awards and medals will be for ambitious stallions doing better their race. Rejoice something: in professional order, you will have in front of you a real racetrack and not a children's carousel. Agree that it is a shame running in circles by lively music and suggesting speeches, repeatedly, to see how sweet and delicious cotton candy gets them who rest on your back. Thank God, in 2016, Chinese horoscope does not predict such situations (unless you do something stupid and you hang neck a couple of lazy employees). If at year of Monkey, as part of a healthy business competition, Horse takes someone "piggyback" (pardon joke) - it would be a contradiction. Do not go to underground struggle, anyway, instead undercover operation; you will be on a ridiculous comedy position. Hitting an opponent below waist and shoot him around a corner - it does not clearly match your profile. Even if some unforeseen stars adventure force you to go for a piece of cake defeated enemy, on the race will take part so many competitors that you just will not push to desired goal.

Horses continue leading their affairs openly and honestly, so that everyone knows why and who trespassed a colleague and what punishment offender deserves. Do not stay silent, hiding to others conflict roots. You understand, of course, that if there is not an explanation regarding movement hoofed person that hinder your work and mixed in the same glass your sweat and blood to drink it instead a Bloody Mary, then he will have chance to play the victim and complain about an unreasonably aggressive behavior. Do not give people opportunity to dump all the blame on you, and take part on working team information wars. If at year of Monkey 2016, Horse does not ignore demands outside world and banality human factor, he will be able to earn his greater race and win the heart of heavenly judges.

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