2017 Horoscope for Taurus Zodiac Sign

2017 Horoscope Taurus

Astrology forecast for 2017, the year of the Red Fire Rooster. 2017 Horoscope for people born under the Taurus Zodiac sign.

In 2017 Tauruses have grandiose plans and an absolute certainty that the future will develop according to their scenario.

Nevertheless, if you, dear Tauruses think that you know everything about yourself, then in 2017 this may become your biggest mistake, and if you go along this path, you won't be the first. For Tauruses, The Year Of The Fire Rooster 2017 may turn out to be a period of great accomplishments, and the beginning of a fruitful new period, as well as a time of great disappointments depending on your preferences and the baggage (material and immaterial) which you found yourself with at the beginning of the year. It's all about the fact that for your zodiac sign the coming Year Of The Red Rooster 2017 has no defined outline through which the events surrounding you will develop over the course of the entire current time period. Everything is very unsteady and vague. In this year the wheel of history may unspool in any conceivable direction and in the final analysis completely lead you, dear Tauruses, not to the place you had heretofore considered...

But whether this is bad or not is hard to say! Everything depends on how you look at it, and much now depends on you yourself and your perception. But still, as it seems to us, such an undefined period is exactly what you need at this moment. Speaking honestly, a certain stagnation emerged long ago in the lives of people with the Taurus zodiac sign. Your relationships or family situation (or lack thereof), finances, position in society or career long ago became fixed and have remained at a certain level over the course of several years. This is not to say that there are no changes in your lives. Change comes in many spheres and there are quite enough that one can definitely claim the life of Tauruses is not static! But these are more like consistent evolutionary transformations which keep you toned, without bringing you any kind of fundamental change.

Yes, my dear Tauruses, this position is more than satisfying for you. But the universe is the opposite, and has different plans for you... akin to someone in the sky considering you should never put plans aside indefinitely. However, everything shouldn't be taken literally. It doesn't mean that what awaits you in 2017 is getting fired, getting divorced, and other similar things. Of course it could happen, but these are singular events, and we are trying to convey that key moment in The Year Of The Red Rooster 2017 that will become for Tauruses a period of change in orientation, life priorities, goals, and values.

In spite of a general tendency, and of course compared to other Zodiac signs, your sign is known for its emotionality and at the same time for a tendency toward contemplation, appeasement, and a philosophical relationship toward misfortune that has fallen on your shoulders. According to the claims of several astrologists, members of the Taurus zodiac sign are tentatively divided into factions that are more active and creative, and those that are more passive. And namely from these postulates we claim that every Taurus will experience 2017 in his own way.

Changes come in time to anyone at all, but not to Tauruses who prefer a wait and see approach. Any changes in The Year Of The Red Fire Rooster 2017 will be perceived by them to be something literally cut off from reality, something not at all expected.. however only due to these changes can there be any kind of development, understanding that active Tauruses will meet 2017 fully prepared, building prospective projects and laying the foundation for future success. There is no clear positive or negative in either the first or second case. But anyway, we can suggest that that by choosing the passive strategy in 2017 Tauruses more likely will preserve or even consolidate their position. At the same time, active deeds are more complicated and dangerous, and in 2017 they might put the resources of Taurus under threat. However, in the final analysis they can lead you, dear Tauruses, to a new stage of development.

And so, let us analyze the year 2017 in more detail. We repeat yet again that it is hard to say regarding The Year Of The Red Fire Rooster 2017 if it will turn out to be productive and positive as it applies to the zodiac sign Taurus, which is connected to the element of Earth. It isn't hard to guess that one of the reasons is that now 2017 will be governed by the element Fire, which as a whole doesn't relate to the element of Earth in any clearly expressed relationship. Along with that, we still should mention certain nuances. First of all, it's worth pointing out that the Fire Rooster will promote the aspirations of Taurus that are connected with personal life. In other words, it's necessary to act independently in the area of work and finance, to the fullest extent feeling in oneself the potential negative of Pluto, the planet responsible for the banishment of Taurus. However, your exaltant, the Moon, in 2017 will end up, shall we say, at the peak of her possibilities, therefore you shouldn't expect any special problems. Rather, there will be misunderstandings that will require Taurus save face. That is, in the direction of work you will hardly have to wait for any substantial transformations, although there will be a place to possibly improve your financial position. And anyway it is necessary to emphasize, as was already said, the sensual-emotional sphere. At a minimum this is alluded to by the Rooster, the patron of 2017, with whom in fact it is better not to argue about such things, for this, you know, is frought with consequences. So, all of 2017 as it applies to the zodiac sign Taurus represents the possibility to divide (quite tentatively, it should be said) into two stages, each of which demands a special strategy of behavior, having its characteristic features and key nuances, which we shall now try to emphasize.

The first step will actually begin with the arrival of 2017, the Year Of The Fire Rooster, and conclude with the last traces of spring, approximately in the final third of May. Here it will be necessary for Tauruses to focus all their attention on their knowledge of human nature, no matter how zealous and ambiguous it might sound. On the whole, Tauruses are distinctive and versatile enough, but their insight into the details of the human soul has never stood out (It is true, even if you always thought otherwise, that next to you there is definitely someone more analytical than you in this regard).

However, in this stage communicativeness in particular will be highlighted; communicativeness and diplomacy. Yes, you will have to learn something, but there is nothing scary about this. At a minimum it will be new possibilities, and at a maximum it will be your future. Focus on what you already know, look into the area of the unknown and simply try to construct a projection of your future path. Don't be shy about asking for advice. There, where you lack in knowledge, it is necessary to solve problems, not with guessing, but with facts. Here you will need new contacts, new connections! So, the Red Rooster draws for you more or less such a perspective in the first months of 2017. Naturally, you can fully ignore similar revelations and follow your own path. They say the heart is never wrong, but why take risks, if it only demands you become stronger? But in this case it will be hard for people with different zodiac signs to understand you; in the end you have your own path! And everyone in this period of 2017 will be particularly attentive to who you find yourself with. This concerns not just family, but also work colleagues, fellow hobbyists, etc. As a whole, it will be quite a calm time, a time for creation and understanding, and the most active deeds will come in the following period.

With the arrival of summer and until the very end of 2017 everything will change to a very great degree, but gradually, and not all at once. The dynamic of change will step up the tempo day by day, so you must not miss what is most important. The Red Rooster, as has been said, recommends you focus on sensual moments, but don't forget about the especially practical (everyday) nuances because, in the words of that old saying, "Love alone is not enough."

Tauruses have to remember the goals you pursued in the beginning of 2017, but with that understand that you find yourselves in unexplored territory and a new life stage demands a different approach. Now new tasks must become vital, taking shape on their own, having become the logical result of your actions from previous periods. In the summer of 2017 when everyone traditionally heads off on vacation, you must work with twice as much zeal. This will allow members of your zodiac sign to move to more long-term and large-scale projects. Lonely Tauruses can count on the fact that the situation will change to a large degree. If you met a person in the first half of the year whom you could truly call your "second half" (at least hypothetically), then it will certainly happen in the summer, perhaps, a bit later -- in the beginning of the fall. Passivity will lead to a loss of romantic possibilities. The Red Rooster recommends acting aggressively (of course, not fanatically). At the same time, growing passion (the natural sum of the influence of the Moon on the period of summer-fall 2017) can to a certain degree distract you from soberly assessing the situation. But here it is difficult to give any more concrete advice. Either you will turn out to be stronger than your instincts, or you will lose hold of a real opportunity to change something for the better.

In conclusion, we would like to wish all Tauruses a happy new year in 2017, as well as luck, love, and the possibility to stay yourselves. For many members of your zodiac sign, 2017 may turn out to be decisive turning point in your life. As a whole, The Year Of The (Red) Fire Rooster 2017 for the zodiac sign Taurus will turn out to be, at a minimum, unusual. At a maximum, you will embrace new experience, become stronger, and eventually learn how to handle the most difficult life situations without a problem. Many Tauruses at this stage find a family, and in fact this is a good time to get married. There can be no doubt it will be an interesting year. And how productive and successful it is -- this depends entirely on you.

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L1982 2017-12-06 17:56:47
Worst year of my life. Especially from October onwards. Lost everything I have worked for and achieved.
Mark 2017-03-13 03:08:49
2017 started not that easy but recently I've received good news over my work. Hopefully I will be fine soon
AshlyS 2016-11-16 02:51:15
From the 2017 I want to get steady job! This is the heights my desire

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