2018 Horoscope for Capricorn Zodiac Sign

2018 Horoscope Capricorn

Astrology forecast for 2018, the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. 2018 Horoscope for people born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign.

This is your year as your ruling planet Saturn went into your sign in the last few days of 2017 and now will be influencing your life over the next two years. This is the year for all Capricornians to live and enjoy life. Your planet is now full in control in your sign and you will epitomize the true attributes of the sea goat. This movement signals the start of two and a half years of strong self-awareness and personal ability. You can be the master of yourself and can now stand tall.

If you are younger than thirty it can be a time of coming of age and if you are older than thirty you will stand up and brush off the burdens that others have laid on you and push back to be yourself. There is something very commanding about a person standing in their truth and this year it is the Capricorn's time.

For most of the year, Jupiter will reside in your friendship sector, bringing you good vibes, with get-togethers both of a corporate nature with business associates and with your social circle. You could meet someone in a social setting who will change your life for the better.

Neptune resides in your area for community and commuting and thus you will continue to find fluid ways to get around your neighborhood.

The unusual planet Uranus will spend the first four and a half months energizing your house and home zone bringing change and variety to the question of with whom you share your home.

After May 15th, Uranus enters your creativity sector and new romances may flourish. You could get very good a flirting and even attract a lot of romantic interest and this will be the case even if you are committed to someone else. Dalliances may even become the norm over the rest of the year.

When Jupiter goes into your private sector on November 28th, you will find the end of the year not quite as exciting as the beginning. You may be torn between being lively but the call will be to tone things down and spend more nights at home. This is a time for spiritual reflection and to listen to your inner voices.

Every year starts with the Sun in your sign, and this has much to do with the Capricorn method of planning a diary or scheduling events in the year. You like to look forward and organize your life.

Your earning capacity will be a focus from January 21st onward, and you may earn more than your thought. It is important to not fritter now although Capricorn seldom does. Invest in good art sculpture, clocks, fossils, and artifacts to build your collection this month.

After February 19th, the spotlight shifts to your local community. If you are interested in politics you can lobby your constituents now. Get out and about and take a mini-course at the nearby college.

Hearth and home will call you from late March. You may be considered an elder in your family even if you are still young. Take the mantle readily and know that the others can't do it that is why they chose you. Rally your family and build the bonds with them. You may buy real estate this month to add to your property portfolio.

In the four weeks after April 21st, you will let your hair down and enjoy life. For a Capricorn that may still be a little staid but this is the time of the year to throw a party. You can invite others to a nice restaurant and share your generosity and time with them. In this way, your home will be saved.

You home will be a focus from April 24th onward when Chiron enters Aries and stimulates the need to repairs and rebuild your nest. This could be in the form of renovations or more, if serious defects are discovered. Preventative maintenance for roofs, gutters, and chimneys is advised. You family will need your help as well and you can draw on your life lessons to teach others some interesting facts.

Moving toward the middle of the year and late May is the time to get the work done. If you employ people let them speak. If you work for someone else, now is the time to be heard, and if your are thinking of starting a small business, then get your strategy sorted out now. You may need to change your working day to find the time in an evening for your other work but it can be done.

At the solstice on June 21st and the weeks afterward, focus on your partnerships. If you are single, you could get serious about someone now. If you are married, you will be comforted in knowing each other so well. This is the moment to form a business partnership and sign the relevant papers. Any mergers or company acquisitions promise solid returns. All legal agreements will likely go well for you now. Strike while the iron is hot.

From August 21st to September 21st, there will be much excitement for Capricorns as your planet gets a good contact from the exciting planet of change. This means that the rules will be relaxed a bit and the limits for your dormant rebellious nature will be tested. You may seem unpredictable for a brief time and others will be amazed at what you get up to. After this month passes, you will go back to your old ways but there will be a spark burning inside you that was not there before.

From October 23rd, you can make new friends and associates in group settings. People you know will introduce you to friends of friends and this contact can be beneficial for you if not right now then later.

The third week in November signals the start of your quiet month. This is a time to take care of yourself and heed your inner voice. You may wish to contemplate your life and listen to others who could offer you guidance. This is the time to find a thought leader and to hear their message. Prayer is and option as well.

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samantha dubose 2018-11-25 17:58:54
I want to be independent and I am a lover and a very friendly person but I can't be at a butt too when I don't get my way
sobreaver 2018-11-11 21:56:46
This is an astronomical forecast, it's the weather of the heavens. Don't seek good fortune here, good fortune and bad fortune is around every corner. It's like the seasons, eventually, after winter comes spring. Do not be afraid of what is to come, good or bad, simply be prepared with awareness, and here, awareness is what you seek. With this awareness, you and only YOU, must take adequate decisions for yourself and fine tune your judgement about what you learn from life, and death. This weather does not dictate your future, but if I warn you that a car is coming, you must take adequate actions to avoid a possible collision and maybe wave the hand while it passes by. If I tell you there will be rain today, you may go outside without an umbrella, and it may not have any negative or significant consequences or you may get very wet and maybe catch a cold, it is up to you to make adequate decisions for yourself considering the knowledge you have and/or awareness of what surrounds you. Here you have acquired knowledge of the weather of the heavens, use it wisely, take decisions accordingly, you cannot avoid the rain, but maybe you can properly prepare for it. Self-knowledge is the ultimate purpose of astrology, may you find peace, guidance and enlightenment.
Elvis John Misra 2017-11-30 08:32:46
I hope that it would be helpful to tell me the truth and reveal the secrets. waiting to know about my life my career my future....
Sp 2017-06-22 23:33:02
I hope it may not dictate my future
rajesh 2017-05-24 08:28:50
helpful to know better future

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