2018 Color Horoscope for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

2018 Color Horoscope Sagittarius

Sagittarius Color Horoscope 2018 for the year of the Yellow Earth Dog

The fire signs, of which Sagittarius is one, all have colors associated with them and for Sagittarius the colors are royal blue and purple. The ruling planet for Sagittarius is Jupiter whose color is a strong clear blue, like sapphire.

Jupiter spends almost twelve months in each sign, and in 2018 it's in Scorpio and Sagittarius. For the color inspiration for Sagittarians, we will consider the movement of Jupiter through the year, both direct and retrograde, and the main aspects from the others planets that will influence this big planet.

At the start of the year, Jupiter is in Scorpio, so wear blue and deep red. This is easily done, and denim blue jeans are a good choice. Navy blue suits for men and all blue ties and socks will work well for Sagittarians. Women probably have no issue finding blue clothes, and would do well wearing sapphires and lapis lazuli jewelry.

Jupiter in Scorpio brings a feeling of anticipation for Sagittarians. The big event when Jupiter enters Sagittarius later is the year is pending and exciting.

From January 4th to the 9th, the fiery planet Mars contacts Jupiter and for two days where they are in cahoots, your apparel can sport a flash of red with your blue. This contact with Mars will invigorate Sagittarians and you may believe that anything is possible. This is a brief time to compete and win.

For almost a week in January, from the 15th to the 21st, Jupiter will sextile Pluto. This is a good thing. Sagittarians should wear blue and maroon in equal measure now. This is a powerful contact for Jupiter as depth and breadth are brought together. Pluto dominates this connection, so issues that have been hidden may now come to light. Changes in religious and philosophical views will be challenges, and you may feel you have lost your way for a short time until it passes.

Jupiter retrograde

On March 9th, Jupiter will stop and change direction in Scorpio and remain this way for four months. Now choose crimson and dark blues like indigo.

On April 23rd to 25th, for two days Mars will sextile Jupiter. Wear a flash of red with the blues. Activities should increase because you'll feel alive and well. Use these two days to kickstart projects. Get out and burn off excess energy either at the gym or walk the city flat.

On May 18th until June 2nd, Jupiter will trine Neptune, which brings the meaning of Jupiter to a heighten pinnacle as the tradition ruler of Pisces. Now wear dark blue and aqua. For Sagittarians, it brings art appreciation and insight into the realms of the unconsciousness. Experience other cultures' art and music. Open your mind to sensations which you would normally shun.

On July 10th, Jupiter will go direct, so go back to the main blues and maroons. This is a relief as Jupiter moves forward again. It's like the brakes have been lifted, and you can charge through life at full speed, which is what you love.

On August 13th to 24th, Jupiter again contacts Neptune in a positive way but this time Jupiter is direct. Wear blue and sea green. This is a great time for Sagittarians. You can get back to being the true you and learn more, open your mind and appreciate life in general.

On October 29th, Mercury makes a brief contact with Jupiter, so wear blue and green on that day. Communications and messages will feature large and you need to be ready to ask questions and answer tricky queries.

Jupiter enters Sagittarius

On November 8th, Jupiter the largest planet will go home to its own sign of Sagittarius for the first time in since 2006. This is a good period for Sagittarians as the spirit of the planet is again in line with the sign. Wear sapphire blue and true blue. If you have been waiting for a sign then this is it. The shift of energy as the largest planet starts to transit Sagittarius cannot be underestimated. Be ready to move and get you life on track. It is the year for Sagittarians to grow and expand their interests and waistlines. Live largely and embrace all the world has to offer.

On Wednesday November 26th, the Sun conjoins Jupiter in Sagittarius and now you can choose blue and gold as your colors. Get out your sapphire and gold jewelry. The light and creativity of the Sun will support Jupiter and all Sagittarians and fire signs. It should be both exciting and inspirational at the same time. This is a time to shine. Honesty and warmth will be a feature this day. Plan some good times or a mid-week party.

On November 28th, Mercury joins Jupiter for the second time. Now wear blue and dark greens because Mercury is retrograde. The issue will be that you may hear lies or say them yourself. This can easily happen if you embellish a story or anecdote to give it gravitas. Take care not to blurt anything out and hold back the negative words or they will come back to haunt you. Watch out for harsh emails - you may not realize that your words can cut. Edit everything.

On December 21st, Mercury makes a final direct contact to the ruler of Sagittarius and then moves on. For these two days, choose blue and green. Errors from back around November 28th will return now but can be put to rest. From now on, wear clear blue until New Year.

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