2018 Color Horoscope for Virgo Zodiac Sign

2018 Color Horoscope Virgo

Virgo Color Horoscope 2018 for the year of the Yellow Earth Dog

Mercury is the ruling planet for Virgo. Its condition as it moves through the zodiac in 2018 will change and so the colors associated with Virgo people will subtly shift as well. Virgo's colors are green, and drab colors you see in uniforms, like beige, brown, gray, and navy blue.

Mercury starts the year in Sagittarius and stays there until January 11th when it enters Capricorn. Wear green with royal blue and royal purple. Now find those people and those things that interest you and learn about them. You know you have support from the people you already know.

On January 31st, Mercury goes into Aquarius. Wear green and electric blue. As if you didn't work enough now, you will be at it 24-7. You can push yourself and build a good work ethic at the same time. You may think of ways to shake up and improve your routines and habits.

On February 18th, Mercury moves into Pisces, its sign of detriment. Mercury is not happy in Pisces, as it is opposite to Virgo. Wear green, aqua, and sea green now. This is a difficult time, and you may be frustrated. Take notes and give yourself time to digest the details so you can handle things better when Mercury moves on.

On March 6th, Mercury arrives in Aries for an extended stay of over two months because of its apparent backward movement. Wear green and red now. Normally, we only wear green and red together around the winter holidays, so you may have to get creative with this match. That is, unless you like looking like an elf on vacation. For Virgos, this will be a time for relationships and find out what is and what is not working. Someone outside your relationships may tempt you. There could be stress in your main relationships now. Because Mercury will retrograde here in Aries, you will not know all the details until it goes directly later. Don't make rash decisions.

Mercury's first retrograde period

On March 23rd, Mercury stations retrograde in Aries. What was discussed in the past few days will be hashed out again. You may think this is over, but there is more to come. During this time, wear darker greens and reds.

By April 15th, Mercury finally halts its backward movement and begins to go direct still in Aries. Clarity will come back, and you'll see your path before you.

On May 13th, the messenger of the gods finally clears Aries and goes into Taurus. This is a time to expand your horizons and consider the wider world. Add some pink and white to your wardrobe and lighten up your green colors.

Fortunately on May 29th, Mercury enters Gemini its other sign. This is a fabulous placement for Mercury and for Virgos. Bright lively greens and yellows are your colors. Now the constant contact energy is enhanced for Virgos as this is your career sector and there can be many deals to be forged. This time is all about contacts and signing a deal or other business decision.

On June 12th, speedy Mercury glides through the watery sign of Cancer for a swift sprint. Mute your greens to something more watery, like aqua, and mix it with silver and light blue. Reach out to friends and associates and be part of a team. Speak on others behalf and be confident to voice your mind.

On June 29th, Mercury enters Leo. Mix in gold and orange in your wardrobe. This is a slower time for Virgos, and you can spend time in reflection and self-examination to see if you are on track. Journaling will be good now, not only for the ideas bubbling under the surface, but to your document your journey through life.

Mercury's second retrograde period

On July 26th, Mercury turns retrograde in Leo for the second time in 2018. Now, wear hunter green and mustard shades. This is a time for rest and relaxation and a chance to recharge your batteries. Just let things be. Meditate and clear your mind and body with a cleanse.

Mercury, still in Leo, now stops on August 19th, and starts to move forward again. Now you can see some light and if possible, spend time in the Sun resting (wear sunblock). Get ready for the energy of the next phase.

On September 6th, Mercury arrives back at its home sign of Virgo. The colors now are green, navy, beige, drab green, and gray. However, all leafy shades will work well now. This is a strong time for Virgo people. Your planet is working at tip top performance for you.

On September 22nd, Mercury enters Libra. Now the shades are green, pink, lavender, and blue. This is a good time to focus on your money, your skills, and talents. What else could you do to increase all these of these?

From October 10th through the end of the month, Mercury transits Scorpio. This color combination will be intense poison green, with black, crimson, and magenta. Now you can go out in your community and spend time on local issues. Your commute may seem easier, and you can find better options for local transport now.

On October 31st, Mercury goes into Sagittarius, a challenging sign, and stays there until New Year's Eve because of the long retrograde period. Wear greens with royal blue and purple. Your heritage and family roots may become important now, and you could be interested in learning more about your ancestry.

Mercury third retrograde period

November 17th sees Mercury pivot and move backward again, this time in Sagittarius. Now the shades darken to pine green, denim blues, dark navy blues and plums. This is a time for leisure and fun activities where things are not serious but light-hearted.

Later on December 1st, Mercury re-enters Scorpio for twelve days. On 6th December, Mercury makes a final directional shift for the year. Now go back to the moss greens and blacks, and crimsons. Cousins and those of the same generation as yourself in your family can be reliable sources of information.

By the time we get to December 12th, Mercury again passes into Sagittarius, its sign of detriment. The colors are now green and blue. Your home will be a haven at this busy time. Enjoy family gatherings and keep the conversation light to survive the season. If you can't see everyone in person, write a card and let them know you're thinking of them.

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