2018 Love Horoscope for Virgo Zodiac Sign

2018 Love Horoscope Virgo

Virgo Love Horoscope 2018 for the year of the Yellow Earth Dog

If you are a Virgo, then your choice of dates is very different to most people. You want to find someone who is well thought of and respectable. It has a reputation or attracts attention or notoriety in any form it will put you off. Virgo as a practical sign is not averse to choosing girlfriends or boyfriends who are older than they are or who have dependents.

The heavy planet Saturn entered your romance sector in late 2017 and this could make dating and finding someone to love hard work. This is best managed by being reasonable and aiming your expectation for love in reality. You are more likely to choose a serious person and spend lots of time getting to know them than flitting from one to another.

Careful selection will be the best way for Virgo to handle romances in 2018 except during the energy boost as Mars stimulates your love life from mid-March to mid-May which offers you the potential for romantic encounters. Romantic possibilities may be many and frequent and you could find yourself going from one lover to another unable choose and this may be an issue. But, there is no need to select just one person now as the planetary energy will drive your forward in your romantic quest until you do find the right person. This is not the time to settle for second best you want the number one prize. You are able and willing to compete for the right to date someone special.

The Sun lights up your romance area from day one of the year to January 21st this starts the year with love on the front burner. Take the time to be with your lover and let the heat of the Sun warm your hearts together. Get out and about and spend your days in the sunshine or walk in the park or on a beach together.

The secretive planet Pluto is still in your romance zone this year as it has been for a few years already. This placement inclines you to have a secret lover. This can simply be someone you view from afar and you do nothing about it or you are pining for a love from long ago. It could be someone who passed on and still means so much to you. Either way it does not help your situation now. Accept that some lovers do get away and they can be cherished in a memory but not brought back to life.

Mars again encourages your love to flourish from mid-September to mid-November and this can be a good time to fall in love. Be ready to step forward and announce your feelings to someone special. Do not hesitate as your moment has come.

The Sun again brightens your romance zone from the solstice on December 22nd to the end of the year. This special time supports a happy love life over the New Year for Virgo. Let the person you love know how your feel and be gentle with their love. You will find welcome in your lover's arms now.

Committed Relationships

Once Virgo gets keen on someone and things become serious the situation changes somewhat. You really need to use your intuition to help you decide on whom you should choose as your life partner. No matter what the reality is about someone if you have a little voice in your head saying this is the one then believe it. Always go with your hunches in matters of the heart.

The love planet steps into your partnership zone from February 11th to March 7th bringing feelings of love and togetherness for you. A week later it is further illuminated from February 19th to the solstice on March 21st and this is the time to make a move and tie the knot.

Your partnership planet is Neptune and is already positioned in your marriage zone. You will have experienced a few years of confusion about the nature of your relationships and there may have been times when you felt it was just slipping away from you. Take heart as the planet of sensitivity and illusion can play tricks with you. The reality is likely to be that your partner is not paying you enough attention and in this way your may feel left out. Speak up and make plans to do things together. If you just leave things and hope for the best you may lose out. Be proactive and cut through the fog of your marriage and create good things in the nature of Neptune-like photos of the two of your and videos of fun times.

Towards the end of the year from November 15th Mars will enter your relationship zone and ignite sparks for you again. Take advantage of every moment to establish your relationship in the way and direction you want it to take.

Lost Love

Tensions can happen in your committed relationships and marriage at the Saturn turning points in the year around mid-April and July 10th and the week before and after these dates. It is at these times that you may feel the need to give up or to renegotiate the terms of your partnership. This could be a good time to renew your vows to re-commit to each other.

Avoid making sweeping changes when Venus is in a difficult position from October 5th to November 16th as things will not go smoothly for lovers or marriages now. This is the case for all the signs.

When your planet of marriage Neptune halts its forward movement you need to remain paused as well. This happens around June 18th until November 25th 2017. At these times take it easy and wait it out and then re-establish your intimacy and build your relationship anew. Any marriage that has sustained many Neptune stations can attest to the fact that love comes and goes and the knack is to survive the downside so you can enjoy the upside.

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Comments: 2018 Love Horoscope Virgo

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Erin 2018-02-13 14:50:46
I feel like I, personally, am not allowed to have a long-term true love. When I read other Virgo comments, I see alot of us feel that way, it breaks my heart. It seems like Virgo's are here to make Other people happy, but no one is really interested in Our happiness, so we have to make Ourselves happy w/ a smile on our face & we're not supposed to get upset, but be Happy about it.
The horoscopes say up & down occurances w/ love. So what's new. It looks like Virgo might have a Chance at true love this year, but every barrier that can hold up the process will be there to make it as difficult as possible. I don't get that, it seems like every time there is positive planetary movement for Virgo's, any negative movement will barr the positive so that we won't be allowed to have anything Nice that's longer term.
So when will it be that Virgo isn't getting stomped on? For myself, I'm sick of always being left behind, having to watch every sign & even every Virgo find love except me, & be happy for those people & I'm not supposed to feel sad for my own situation.
But Virgo in particular seems to be expected to be everyone's savior & also save yourself while you're at it cuz no one cares. When is that going to stop? So Virgo is only here to work & serve, not be served then? If that's True, then how to accept that role?
Queen Mother 2018-01-03 11:17:15
I see truth to this one of the best ones so far thanks for the reading. #virgolove
zeze 2017-07-06 22:16:59
me too 🙂) since 2016 february, i am living in the hell...hate tsaturn
E. 2018-03-05 17:40:25
I hate Saturn too. Maybe even the universe. Whole life has been twilight zone & painful. Thanks Saturn. Thanks Universe :-/
samuel 2017-05-24 09:34:34
i like what 2018 horoscope is saying and i am strong willed

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