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November is going to be an interesting time for everyone this year. Beyond Thanksgiving, football, and enjoying autumn colors, there's a great cosmic tumult in the making among the cosmos. Blame that planetary rascal Uranus. He is making great movements across the sky in ways that are wreaking havoc for every astrological sign. Some of the effects are odd and positive, others mean great sweeping changes. The important thing for everyone is to keep their eyes open and pay attention to the signs of change before you get carried away by the chaos.
Mars is going to be positioned opposite Uranus towards the middle of the month. This is the peak of a great arc of change across November: increasing from the 1st to the 15th or so, then decreasing as it approaches the end of the month. This will mean many things depending on your astrological sign. Sometimes it'll be a direct effect that will be clear as day and other times it'll cause some odd interference patterns. More than a direct cause and effect, the important thing to notice is just the presence of oddness in many forms: things breaking the usual patterns. However that manifests itself, look for a peak in that oddness towards the middle of the month. The metaphor for everyone to keep in mind is weathering a storm: being prepared and ready to survive as the elements beat down on you.

Careers will be in flux for a lot of people, mostly due to a general economic instability that will shake the entire planet. It's a good month to keep eyes in the back of your head, watching for trouble in the workplace and making sure you're safe if things get shaken up. Changes on the job can also mean an opportunity for advancement. This doesn't have to mean taking advantage of someone else's downfall. But whenever there's a shakeup in a workplace, that means there's room for something new, maybe something you can offer. Sagittarius is in a good place to make use of this, with Aries right behind. Cancer will want to be extra careful on the job front this month.

That general economic instability we mentioned is going to make a lot of people very scared. It's easy to get flustered by this, but the best course of action is to keep your head. A lot of people will be inclined to panic, but here is where logic needs to prevail. Look for some signs of trouble starting around 5th with it reaching a peak closer to the 16th. Things will start to normalize some as it gets closer to the end of the month. This is going to be the case for everyone, regardless of their sign, but Aquarius is going to be the person to watch to see how they behave when all around them is chaos.
The winds of change will be influencing matters of love and romance as well. Relationships will reach do or die moments when big questions need to be asked (and answered). The best time for asking those questions is the first week of the month, with the rest of November for the fallout and reorganization that may be needed. It's a great month for putting yourself out there as a viable single person looking for that special someone. Everyone is going to have waves of confidence due to Uranus and Venus, maybe a bit more for Leo, Taurus, and Pisces.

Overall, November should be fairly calm regarding health concerns, but it's the perfect month for everyone to be proactive on that front and schedule checkups and health screenings. It's also the perfect month to begin fitness programs with the best likelihood of them sticking. Gemini needs to be very vigilant about this, but it's a good month for everyone to get off the couch.
It's a turbulent month in general for everyone. Like a wild nor' easter is hitting our shores, Planet Earth is in direct line for all sorts of great celestial waves and cyclones. There's no use in fighting a storm, but knowing how to manage when it hits is crucial. Keep your eyes open for waves coming at you and be ready to tie yourself to the mast if need be.

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