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April 2021 Aries Horoscope

April is an incredibly lucky month for you, Aries. Not only is it your birthday (happy birthday, by the way), but the planets seem to all be ready to party with you. They also come bringing many gifts with them, and who doesn’t like a good treat on their birthday? Still, with all that partying, you got to be careful not to get carried away and overindulge, a sense of moderation will carry you flawlessly through the month, and it will also make sure you bring some of that good luck with you through the rest of the year.

The month may start a little slow with Neptune and Mercury hanging out in your 12th house. When these two planets are together, they tend to bring your attention inwards, which can be a little difficult for a vibrant and excited Aries such as yourself. Still, Mercury moves on quickly, and this sure won’t last long. This introspection will also help you get in touch with your intuition, which in turn, will likely trigger a few eureka moments that will be useful for when things get going at your preferred pace again. The early month will be an excellent time for a self check-up to evaluate where you are in life and where you want to go next.

The New Moon of April 11th, also being in your sun-sign, will give you an extra boost of inspiration that will motivate you to do whatever it is you’ve been planning during the early introspective stages of the month. There will be nothing that can stop you during this moon cycle as long as you’re putting in the work and are not so distracted by having too much fun. It will be very tempting to revel in and go wild, but if you set your priorities straight, you’re sure to see some results. Mars will be going conjunct with your North Node at around the same time, which will give you a laser focus on whatever you set your attention to, so just make sure to put it on the right things.

The first two weeks of the month will be useful for all the single Aries out there. The Sun and Venus will be going around your first house throughout most of the month, but their energies will be much more potent during this time. These two planets will give you an irresistible charm that could lead to a new relationship’s blossom or at least a really good date. If you end up missing the window of this conjunction, though, don’t be worried. By April 26th, Venus will be conjunct with Mercury instead, which brings a similar air to your communication skills. You may find yourself charming your date through your words, and what is more romantic than going on a date with a poet?

If you’re not single, though, and romance isn’t your focus at the moment, this Mercury-Venus relationship can also be excellent for businesspeople. This time would be perfect for settling business agreements, and it might even lead to profitable results since all of this is happening in your 2nd house, the house of finances and worldly possessions. This aspect will be significantly heightened if dealing with anything involving the arts since Venus loves pretty things.

Though many good vibes are being sent your way, you may encounter some challenges toward the end of the month. Leading up to the full moon, on the 24th, the Moon will be Square Mars in your 7th house, so watch out for infighting. Aries are famously hot-headed from time to time, so try to avoid having arguments with anyone in your close group of friends, family, or your partner that day. It could end up turning into a nasty fight if you’re not careful. If things get heated, make an effort to take a step back and address the issue on another day. You’ll be feeling a lot better.

On the 26th, you’ll have the Scorpio full moon in your 8th house. The theme of this full moon will be all about the subconscious things that drive you forward. Remember the inspiration from the New Moon? Now will be the time to combine that inspiration with your deep emotional urges that cause you to do what you do. This might also be when you see that initial inspiration was pointing you towards something from your past you’d forgotten or neglected. Revisiting it could spark a big wave of change, especially regarding the people around you. This whole process could get a little emotional, though, so it would be wise to take things slow. Maybe make it a me-day?

The month gets tied up with more action happening in your second house. The Sun will now go conjunct with Uranus emphasizing the theme of change from the full moon. This will likely also be in the realm of your finances, but don’t be scared. Venus and Mercury will still be providing their support along with the vitality from the Sun. These changes are likely to be very positive, but you may have to deal with something unexpected along the way. Still, if you’ve been taking care of yourself and made sure not to get carried away in all the excitement of this month, you’ll have all the tools you need to reap from the benefits of this transit. Make use of your straightforward Arian attitude to get what you know you deserve, and you’ll be more than happy you did.

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