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Chinese Horoscope 2021 Dog

The Chinese New Year 2021 will be the Year of the White Metal Ox. Follow links below to find out with the help of Chinese Horoscope 2021 what it would be like for people born in the year of the Dog.

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Horoscope 2021 Dog, Year of the Ox for Zodiac sign Dog

Who are some of the most famous dogs you think of in history? Rin Tin Tin? Snoopy? Man’s Best Friend has played a crucial role in human life for millennia. Some would say that civilization wouldn’t be where it is if it weren’t for the noble canine. This legacy is something you’re going to carry with you through 2021, Dog, and it’s going to shape your behavior and attitude moving forward. You’re about to make even more history.

The fact that it’s the Year of the White Metal Ox means that the connections to your canine ancestors are going to be speaking to you even louder than usual. It’s an exceptionally dog-centric year and the cosmos recognizes that. Don’t think that means you’ll have it easy this year, though. If anything, it means you’re going to be challenged a little more than usual, but that great Ox is going to be a fantastic guide for everything you need to get through. You’ve got help through all of this, Dog. Make sure you take full advantage of it.

January is going to be a time of great chaos across many different areas in your life. Relationships, jobs, money, and health are all going to feel a bit in flux and tumult. Don’t be daunted by this, though. This is just par for the course and the universe’s way of saying: let’s shake things up and get you to a better place. Embrace that chaos for all the good it’s going to bring you. In fact, revel in it. We want you to look at the world (seemingly) falling apart all around you and laugh. You’re not going to mock the stress and angst of others, but you are going to let what seems like destruction roll over your back like water off of a duck. If it’s possible to ride that chaos like a wave, you’re going to want to bring your best surfboard.

With February and early spring, there’s something in particular we want you to have in your mind, Dog. Has there ever been a vacation spot you’ve gone to that brought you such a wave of peace that you found it almost peacefully jarring in how relaxed it made you? Maybe it wasn’t during a vacation, but it was some location that was so far removed from your day to day existence and the fight to earn a living. Think about walking along the dock of some harbor town in the cooler nights of summer. There’s a light warm breeze. You can hear the sounds of gulls and boats. The lights and activity of the town are nearby but not too imposing. Do you have a spot similar to that in mind? That’s the state of mind you’re going to want to adopt going into spring. Dare we say, you’re going to want a summer vacation state of mind. We don’t mean to show up to your job in Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses (seriously, don’t do that. Even if you work at a surfing store). What you do want to do is remember that peaceful state of letting go and try to carry it over into everything you do. In essence, you’re going to want to remember to relax, or at least hold on to the benefits of relaxing as much as you can. Don’t think for a minute that it’ll mean losing your edge or becoming less on guard. You can achieve a state of readiness while still keeping your heart rate low. This is your mission going into spring, Dog. It’s going to pay off for you greatly as you face more and bigger battles in the months to come.

April will bring some interesting dimensions to your social - and possibly romantic - life. You’re going to be in a great position to encounter some new people who overlap interests with you just enough so that you’re comfortable but will be alien enough to make things odd and exotic. And where will you find these people? Glad you asked, Dog. They’re going to be wherever you are. Turns out the people that you thought you knew well are very, very different from what you ascribed to them. No, your friends aren’t secretly space aliens in human suits. But some people around you have what you might call a very interesting secret life that has been invisible to you….until now.C Follow them to whatever they propose. They’ve got some very interesting ideas that we think you’ll get a lot out of. You’re in real need of a jolt to your social life, Dog. These are the people who might just do the job. If they offer to make any plans with you in the third week of the month or so, beg, borrow, or steal to join them. It’s going to be well worth you're doing so.

That’s a lot of activity you’re going through this year and we’re only halfway through. That seems like the perfect time for a bit of rest and reflection, the stuff you usually do at the end of the year. And why not do some pensive observations in June? Maybe you can even manage to find a vacation rental somewhere or a friend’s summer place and spend an extra few days thinking about your life. In fact, let’s make that an order: Dog, you need to make this happen in June at whatever scale you can reasonably manage. If you’ve got the means to get to a cottage, go for it. But if money is tight or you can’t get away from a job, commit to spending one weekend in vacation mode. Pretend you’re a world-renowned poet off to a remote east coast location for a bit of inspiration. It doesn’t matter if you’re just taking the day off of work and spending the afternoon sitting in your garage drinking beer and reading. That’s perfect and all that you need. All you need to do is pretend you’re that MacArthur Fellowship winning poet, idling away your time, watching people come and go. And while you’re doing that you’re going to do a bit of navel-gazing and think about your life, where it’s been, and where it’s going. If you really want to complete the picture, do some writing on this subject while you’re sitting there. It doesn’t have to be poetry (but feel free if the moment seizes you). It could just be writing in a journal or keeping a list of what you discover. Don’t feel the need to put anything together in an organized fashion. Record your thoughts as they float by and move on.

Luckily August and early autumn have some benevolent surprises for you, Dog. This period of time could be called the luckiest point in the year for you. While we would never advocate gambling or betting of any kind, it might not be such a bad idea to have a brief trip to the casino or pick up a lottery ticket during this time. You have a universe of good luck behind you for a month, so why not take a little bit of advantage of it? Obviously, don’t press your luck by being reckless or completely throwing caution to the wind, but if there’s been anything that’s felt like a risky maneuver for you to engage in that could have great rewards, consider sticking your neck out a bit. Have you been putting off asking for a raise? Taking a relationship to another level (whether forward or out)? Maybe thinking about a move to somewhere else to try to start your life anew? By all means, weigh your options and be smart about things, but if you’ve been on the fence about something and the only thing stopping you is where fate’s wheel will land, then this is a good time to jump.

By the end of the 2021 year, you’ll have covered a lot of territory, proving that it has indeed very much been a Dog’s year. Make plans for what you want to accomplish in the next year and see what you have to do to make those things happen. This could mean getting yourself signed up for a community college class or setting aside a bit of extra money. December is going to be your pre-2022 time, so set time for preparing for that. It’s going to be even more challenging for you, Dog, so you’ll want to have your ducks in a row.

You’re a noble beast, Dog, and we all thank you for your service. 2021 will be the year where you’ll see your accomplishments fully and maybe, just maybe, see what a good boy you are. Every challenge you encounter will be an opportunity to teach you a great many things if (and only if) you take the time to listen to what they offer. There’s a universe out there wanting to help make you a better creature. Take advantage of this and learn from what they’re offering.

Chinese Horoscope 2021 Dog
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