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Chinese Horoscope 2021 Snake

The Chinese New Year 2021 will be the Year of the White Metal Ox. Follow links below to find out with the help of Chinese Horoscope 2021 what it would be like for people born in the year of the Snake.

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Horoscope 2021 Snake, Year of the Ox for Zodiac sign Snake

You’ve been quite the leader during 2020, Snake. You’ve practically been the captain of the Good Ship This Previous Year, steering it through rough seas to stable ports. Good on you, captain. But every sea captain reaches a point where they have to hang up their hat for a bit and remain a landlubber. But that’s the perfect time for a sea captain to reflect on their adventures, and that’s exactly how you’ll be spending at least the first part of 2021, Snake. You’ll be in your fishing cabin, watching the waves from a safe distance. And of course, you’ll be planning for your next long voyage.

You might be the captain, but there’s someone else who is the admiral through all of this. It’s the White Metal Ox and 2021 is his year. Does that mean you’re going to be taking orders from him over the next twelve months? Not exactly, but you are going to listen to whatever stories from the sea he has to tell. This is a metaphor that’s going to carry over through many areas in your life this year: listening to those with age and/or experience tell their stories and (hopefully) learning a little something from them. You’re surrounded by a lot of experience, even if you don’t recognize it. It’s time to reach out and learn from others in a way you haven’t before. These could be parents or other loved ones, but it could also be work mentors, former teachers, or even people you know your own age who have been through experiences you have yet to encounter. Think of it as a great storytelling network that you can call upon. Do so and soak in everything they have to impart, even if you know it’s going to be a while before you can make use of their knowledge.

Luckily there’s some financial magic happening for you in January and early February, Snake. You’re looking at some sort of lucky windfall coming your way, but it isn’t necessarily the lottery (although were you thinking of playing the lottery in the first few months of 2021, we’re not saying that 27 is a lucky number, but we’re also not NOT saying it’s a lucky number. Keep it under your hat). There’s some financial reward coming your way then that you have completely forgotten about, some kind of payment for work that you didn’t think was ever going to happen. This won’t be retirement money, but it’ll be enough to make a day to day difference for you for a little bit. Use it and use it well. Fortune like that is worth spending because whatever you spend it on will carry its luck with it. So if you need to spend it on a household bill, do. In doing so, watch what this does to your day to day luck in managing your life and generally being an adult. But if you have the means to buy something fun that you’ve wanted for a while, oh honey, by all means, do it.

March is going to be an interesting month for you, Snake. You’re going to be presented with a very strange but attractive offer that’s going to preoccupy you for most of the month. Sounds pretty vague, right? Unfortunately, the universe is not totally clear as to what form this will take. What is clear is that this is an unexpected opportunity that could shape your life for the next few years. The unexpected part is in the source. This could be a friend you haven’t heard from in a number of years. Or a job recruiter reaching out to you from out of the blue. Or something even stranger that we can’t begin to fathom. So how do you know what to look out for? You don’t, unfortunately. Just keep your eyes and (more importantly) your mind open to what could be offered to you.

But April is when the fun begins. Is there an artistic project that you’ve had in the back of your head for a while? Something that you’ve toyed with off and on but put aside because it didn’t seem practical. And please note that when we say ‘artistic’, we mean this in the broadest sense of the word. This could be the Great American Novel that you’ve been putting off, but it could also mean that Etsy shop with your handmade bookmarks, or the finest Spotify playlist that anyone’s ever seen, or a blog post that’s going to change the way people think. You don’t have to work on a huge scale. We’re just talking about something that’s been gnawing at you for a while. There is going to be a marvelous opportunity to give this some air time in April. Look for a notification or posting of some kind in the first few days of the month. This will be a sort of call out to the world for exactly the work you’ve been wanting to do. You may have some doubts as to whether or not you’re ready for this, but trust us, Snake: you are. Now is your time to shine.

While May and June are usually a lover’s time, they’re going to have a special added flavor for you, Snake. There’s a lot of potential romance in the air, but you’re going to after some bigger fish. We’re not talking about romantic ideals like soul mates or anything like that. You’re going to encounter someone during this time that you have an especially strong bond with, but it won’t be for marriage. That person will be sort of the ultimate platonic partner. They’ll be the Emma Steel to your John Steed (look it up). There will be fantastic, rich chemistry between the two of you, there’s no question of that. But more than that, it will be very clear that you two are partners in the platonic sense. If you two could be in a buddy cop movie, you could. That’s the dynamic you’ll find.

But November is going to be an especially fun time. It’s going to be an especially nostalgic moment for you, Snake. Thanksgivings from years past will come sweeping into your mental view as you have a film montage of very moments from your life. This is an emotionally poignant thing and one worth sitting in for a good long while. Let the crisp autumn air wrap around you. Bundle up and enjoy the fall leaves. Then get yourself indoors with your warming drink of choice (we’re fans of brandy over here) and watch it all spin around out the window. Reflect on autumns past and see how far you’ve come. The answer should be: quite a lot. It’ll be good for you to have this moment of reflection before moving into the chaos of December and all that 2022 will bring. You need to gird yourself up for a lot more fighting and a lot more voyages. Sip that drink and take in your life. Well done, Snake. Now snap out of it and keep moving.

All of your challenges will come to a head in December. Perfect timing: wrapping up the year, getting ready for 2022, and you’re going to be required to do some final exam work by the universe. Don’t panic. You are more than prepared for it. You’ve been studying for it all year by just being you, Snake. The test is on how to be you and it turns out you do it very well. But a test is a test, and you do want to be ready to perform at your peak abilities. You’re going to be quizzed on a number of fronts in December and you need to be ready for it. Your love life will grill you a bit in the first week of the month, wanting to see if you’re serious about your feelings and intentions. As always, honesty is the best policy here. Your job is going to test you by giving you a very large project to manage. All we ask of you here is that you do your best. And your health is going to be put to the test by all the stress and running yourself ragged you’ll do in response to all the other testing. So remember to breathe and pace yourself. You’ve got this. There’s a reason they don’t schedule all the final exams in one day.

Oh captain my captain… are an inspiration to us all in 2021, Snake. Your travels and challenges are going to inspire a range of people for years to come, even for things that you don’t think warrant a story. You’re slowly going to morph into that old sea captain, telling great tales from his past to anyone who would listen. You have been listening and that’s meant you’ve grown and changed, all in good ways. Enjoy what the universe has brought you and prepare to enthrall your listeners for years to come.

Chinese Horoscope 2021 Snake
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Please use plainer English. No need to use irrelevant metaphor or wards to make the article hard to apprehend.
Abhishek 2020-10-27 13:41:57
Thank you and lets hope for the best .

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