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March 2021 Aquarius Horoscope

Aquarius, the month begins with the Sun in your solar 2nd House of Pisces. Your compassion and intuition will be put to good use in relation to matters like money and material possessions.

Mercury starts the month in Aquarius in the solar 1st House, enhancing your natural innovative nature and cleverness.

Venus is in Pisces in your solar 2nd House at the beginning of the month. You will feel a large amount of compassion for others, but you might be somewhat fickle when it comes to your relationships, especially if they are related to the 2nd House.

Mars will be in Taurus for a few more days at the beginning of March in your solar 4th House. Now is the time to lay out plans that have to do with your home, physical or emotional. Mars in Taurus will give you the staying power you need to accomplish your goals.

On March 3rd, Venus sextiles Uranus, bringing extra artistry and innovation to your ideas about love. You might also be more sentimental than normal.

Mars enters Gemini in the solar 5th House on March 4th. This mental energy is exactly what you need. You are already intelligent and charismatic, this combination just enhances that, especially in relation to 5th House topics like creativity, children, and joy.

The New Moon in Pisces in your solar 2nd House offers you the opportunity to start something new. Maybe you have had an idea for a new way to make money to gain more possessions. With Pisces influence, you might lean towards art when it comes to the 2nd House.

On March 15th, Mercury enters Pisces in the solar 2nd House. Your intuition will be spot on, so if you’re thinking of something in relation to your money or material possessions, now is the time to trust your gut. Pisces will help you stay humble and kind.

On March 20th, the Sun enters Aries in the solar 3rd House. This officially marks the beginning of Aries season and a new astrological year. Enjoy Aries season since it complements a lot of your good qualities, Aries. Energy and bravery work well with your intellectual originality and friendliness.

On March 21st, Venus enters Aries in your solar 3rd House. The energy and impulsiveness that comes with Aries make it difficult to be consistent in terms of love relationships.

Mercury will sextile your ruling planet, Uranus, bringing with it independence, intelligence, and original thought. Let this aspect support your natural intellectual leanings.

The Full Moon in Libra in the solar 9th House falls on March 28th. Creativity, charm, and diplomacy are the hallmarks of Libra and when applied to the expansive 9th House can barely help but reveal something in relation to high education, long-term travel, or profound topics.

Overall, this month sees your focus shift from the practical 2nd House to the communicative 3rd House.

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