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March 2021 Libra Horoscope

March brings some practical thoughts around your daily work, health, and partnerships, but you might feel somewhat confused about your love life.

The Sun is still in Pisces in your solar 6th House on March 1st. Your focus will be on daily work and your health for the rest of the Pisces season. Pisces’ lends its gentle, compassionate nature to these matters, helping you achieve your goals in these areas.

Mercury starts the month off in Aquarius in the solar 5th House. This combination will provide you with curiosity and cleverness, complementing your natural creativity especially in 5th House areas that have to do with the creativity of all kinds.

Venus is in Pisces in your solar 6th House on March 1st. You will approach your work and health with delicacy because of Pisces influence. You might also consider how your work and health fits in with your love relationships.

Mars will be in Taurus for a few more days in your solar 8th House. This is a good time to get your plans in order in relation to 8th House topics like debt, ancestry, life, and death.

Venus, your ruling planet, will sextile Uranus on March 3rd. Your romantic, artistic traits will be enhanced by this aspect. In addition, some of your more eccentric ideas about love might appear.

Mars enters Gemini in the 9th House on March 4th. You will have the mental energy you need to plan and contemplate whatever you want in relation to the 9th House such as high education, long-distance travel, and profound subjects like philosophy and spirituality. You will also be extra persuasive in your communications at this time.

The New Moon in Pisces hits on March 13th in your solar 6th House. The New Moon is marked by starting things anew. With Pisces’ influence, you will take a gentle, kind approach to matters having to do with your daily work and health. Maybe there is something you want to start over in this area like a new job or new habit. This New Moon will help you with that.

Venus will conjunct Neptune on March 14th. This aspect brings some confusion in your love life, however, you will be kind, which is your usual, and your artistic skills be enhanced. Overall, this is a very good, imaginative aspect for Librans since you tend to be naturally drawn to the arts.

Mercury enters Pisces in your solar 6th House on March 15th. This combination brings large amounts of intuition to your daily work and health. Your imagination and creativity will likely get a boost during this time.

On March 18th, Venus sextiles Pluto, adding passion and beneficial change your love relationships.

The Sun enters Aries in your solar 7th House on March 20th. This marks the beginning of the new astrological year and the very start of Aries season. Relish in the courage and energy. Use it to complement your natural gifts. This will likely all center around your 7th House which has to do with your partnerships, whether that is in marriage, work, or business.

Venus follows the Sun one day later and enters your solar 7th House in Aries. With Aries’ influence, you might be more impulsive in love relationships and more likely to respond to your knee-jerk reactions without thinking them through. Some of the decisions you make during this time might not be lasting in relation to your partnerships.

On March 26th, the Sun conjuncts Venus. This extremely harmonious aspect makes you feel more charming and sociable than normal, which is saying something. You will also likely feel more compassionate than usual.

The Full Moon in Libra falls in your solar 1st House on March 28th. The Full Moon illuminates things that are hidden. In this case, it might have something to do with how you see yourself or your identity. Libra’s influence will help you deal with this Full Moon with charm, diplomacy, and creativity.

We wrap the month up with Venus sextile Saturn on March 30th. This aspect brings extra motivation and helps you be serious and dedicated in matters of love.

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