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May 2021 Scorpio Horoscope

Fire and passion will reign in the influence of Scorpio during the month of May. Scorpio, the bravest of them all (even braver than the lion) can be feisty and stubborn, but resourceful and a leader. During this month’s multiple ups and downs, you will roll with the punches and seek comfort in your own courage. The 2nd house can help you with thinking more logically, but it won’t be easy. Your spirit is a tough shell that is only visualized as the Scorpion and you are the most competent zodiac to handle all the alignments that are coming your way!

Pluto is the planet that rules the Scorpion, so when its energy begins to maneuver in reverse, it manifests great change and transformation. Pluto Retrograde will begin on April 27th and continue all throughout May, bringing a heightened sense to the already constant revamping nature of Scorpio. It is time to view inwards and delve deep into the subconscious of your nature and ask why each habit is practiced by you. Pluto brings transformation in ways that are remarkable, but to reach these destinations of change requires a demolition. Pluto brings destruction and because Pluto is your ruler, it will cause the Scorpion to attempt a more serious version of self-analyzations compared to the other signs. Take things slowly Scorpion, it’s important to not waste all your energy during a time you will need it the most.

In the first week of your stay in the 2nd house, the Last Quarter Moon happening on the 3rd will allow you to become focused on specifics and force you to sweat the details. Your natural personality is of a fixed-modality, causing you to be bold, assertive, and determined. From the tumultuous changes caused by Pluto comes a revolution of new ideas, emotions, and plans for the future. You desire a change, especially with the shifting of the seasons. This moon phase is a signal of something big, and nothing fits a Scorpio more than an accomplishment with great rewards. This is the time where changing big parts of yourself will occur, whether that’s the car you drive or the job you currently have, expect to have a completely new perception towards a certain entity. Something in your life will never be the same!

Also on the 3rd comes the communicative and intellectual influence that is dispersed from the energy of Mercury entering Gemini. Your thoughts have never been clearer, but they’re also coming at rapid speeds that cause you to manifest several conceptions at once. You want to do it all and see it all, the natural Gemini influence. Unfortunately, you’re a fixed sign. It’s important to stay grounded and not get too carried away with change. It can become concerning if the transformation is too dramatic, and friends and family members will be concerned about your sudden lapses in perspective. Take into account daring Scorpio, that Gemini can be fickle in accomplishments. Yes, this alignment brings a communicative punch that allows the mind to work full speed, but it’s also a course towards disaster if you burn out. Scorpio is a sign that is meant to stay hydrated, grounded, fully stocked. Although daring, the outrageous nature of Scorpio’s determination combined with Mercury’s mental speed can cause impulsive decisions.

Thankfully, the New Moon in Taurus can feel like a slow pressing of the brakes. Mercury’s retrograde is still in effect, albeit faded now. This moon phase is a time where ideas come into fruition and moves get made. Enjoy this New Moon fiery Scorpion, for it will be an era where you will discover what is worth living and what is not. The friendships you have will be analyzed and the darker forces of you will come to play. Scorpio, known as a dark energy sign, feels full and content from this power play. When the moon is new, it presents a clean canvas for Scorpio to reinvent themselves and do the things that describe their character. Now is the time to change your career if you’ve been wanting to or dye your hair the opposite color of what it is now.

Yes Scorpio, it seems like you’ll plunge down depths to feel good and achieve your dreams no matter how dangerous or obscure they are. However, at the end of May, a planetary reversal will cause you to trip due to your dangerous running near a slippery pool. Saturn's Retrograde arrives on the 23rd, setting off a chain of events that are going to have Scorpio very grounded. This may sound daunting for Scorpio, but due to earlier events in May, the Scorpion is on a path that is too fast and out of control (Thanks a lot, Mercury). Saturn will begin to slow you and prepare you for the summer months. Saturn, a planet of structure, discipline, and limit will cause Scorpio (a sign of daring ambition and impulsivity) to come back from the depths of their journey and anchor themselves. This is for your own good my daring Scorpion, you want to make it alive till the summer don’t you?

When the Blood Moon arises, it is best for Scorpio to stay with a loved one, preferably a romantic interest. During the Blood Moon, the already cautious and settled Scorpion will be extremely emotional, causing it to relate easier with loved ones. Take this time to look into your marriage or connect with a younger child. Perhaps reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Finally, to conclude this roller-coaster month of emotion, Mercury will go into retrograde. Yes, you can finally fall asleep! And your mind can rest from the rapid thinking and intensity that it was experiencing from before. It will feel as if the clouds are being lifted from your mind and the clarity from the intense sharpness will allow you to view things softer. Mercury combined with Scorpio’s already daring nature can be a wheel spinning downhill, but with Mercury Retrograde harnessing the atmosphere’s influence, it will allow the Scorpion to relax and heartbeat to slow.

Scorpio, no other sign contains the daring courage that you have against all the odds the universe throws at you. Your courage is the signaling trait that makes Scorpio unique. Remember that you don’t have to move with Mercury, and if you want things to slow down, you can do so. Mercury is an influence, but you are a hard-shelled Scorpion. Use your sign’s body to your advantage.

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