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October 2021 Libra Horoscope

Libra, you are incredibly diplomatic and friendly. You attract others by the way you remain open-minded and non-judgemental. But what happens when you’ve allowed toxic entities to enter your life? The best way to purge the outside world of its evils is to look within. Working on yourself first is going to be your main priority during the month of October. You will encounter a sense of truth-seeking and rebellion against certain morals you’ve set in place.

Fair and equal Libra, you are the sign of balance. Take your own advice and stay true to who you are!

The New Moon brings the zodiacs growth and change and allows them to begin again. This moon phase affects the zodiacs all the same, except for Libra, which forces them to find a new meaning within themselves rather than in the outside world. Kind and open-minded Libra, you really enjoy being diplomatic! You do not like drama, you do not like problems, and you certainly attempt to avoid confrontation. What you truly enjoy is being at peace with your friends and being genuine with those around you. However, life is not perfect, creating a problem in the world of Libra, because they desire to live in a world where everything is dandy and sweet. Libra like to feel in control and like everything is working out for them, but that’s not society nor reality. Sometimes people can cross Libra, and that leaves Libra with this empty hole inside because they want everyone to like them. The New Moon is usually a time whenever the zodiacs go out and try to find a new beginning with the outside world, but Libra is going to find a new beginning within themselves. Being able to trust yourself enough to begin the process of purging toxic energy from your life is crucial for Libra’s happiness. Libra, you can’t expect everyone to like you. It's not a necessity and it certainly isn’t healthy to have that desired yearning. Remember that you are a sign of diplomacy and during the New Moon you must balance your friendships and your inside energy.

For the past several weeks, Mercury Retrograde has been in observance and the zodiacs have been going haywire. Once Mercury turns its energy direct and begins to move forward towards the future, all of the sun signs will experience a subtle movement in Mercury‘s energy. This will cause a corresponding shift within the zodiacs and how they behave and express themselves. When Mercury was in Retrograde the key focus in Libra was to find internal balance and harmony, realizing where that harmony was missing and figuring out how to do things differently the second time around. The natural idealism of Mercury is directed inside the soul of Libra, rather than outward towards society. When Mercury is facing forward in Libra, they seek balance, clear thoughts, and an open mind. Most zodiacs feel reasonably confident that they’ve learned something about themselves over the last retrograde, but Libra is the only one that will truly question their growth. The rapid thoughts that are surging through the mind of Libra are going to be persistent and growing into their main focus as to whether they are capable of handling the future.

With your logical senses buzzing, you will then encounter the attention-seeking that Mercury can at times introduce. The Sun is the center of the galaxy and it is very powerful. The Sun’s forces, therefore, cause a deepened feeling of impact when it enters Scorpio. Scorpio is a planet of intensity and sexuality although it is quite reserved in a sense. The sun will bring out the most audacious version of Libra, with Scorpio bringing it caution and a keen-eye. Libra, you are very trusting and this can lead to the very forces you were trying to eliminate during the New Moon. When taking on new adventures remember that you will grasp the audience’s eye, but don’t let them fool you into thinking all that shimmers is gold. This planetary alignment will begin on the 23rd and will influence Libra to reach into their souls and find an exciting adventure.

The Last Quarter Moon will rise on the 28th and allow you to reflect on the changes and accomplishments your zodiac has made. Allow your spirit to transcend in a nostalgic manner to the corners of the brain that hold memories, and analyze your past transactions with scrutiny and positive critique. You are a sign that is capable of great friendship, but you can also give yourself away too easily. Learn to balance both, and you will truly live up to your name.

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Piggy 2021-09-26 06:24:56
One more week to go before October comes rolling in but I’m already sensing tension from external forces, notably from family members. I need to control my emotions and focus inward and not let distractions and provocation affect me. Self care is key and I need to practice it to flush out negative energies surrounding me.

Be well and take care of yourselves fellow Libras ~

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