January 2022 Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

January 2022 Aquarius Horoscope

If you have been wanting to focus more on your own self exploration and development, January 2022 is the perfect month for you. Aquarius is going to have an amazingly happy month dedicated to developing their own talents and acquiring the necessary skills to meet their full potential. Your natural curiosity will also be at an all-time high. This will help contribute to an increase in expanding your general awareness and knowledge of the world around you. Your newfound wisdom will quickly be used to great effectiveness. You will also be especially graceful during this month, attracting several new and different suitors. Despite this, it may not be recommended on embarking on new romantic endeavors.

January is a great month to focus your energy on sharpening your mind. It is also a good month to focus on your fiscal status. You will also have a more apparent wish and need to be on time and to appease everyone as much as humanly possible. This may, unfortunately, lead to being overworked rather quickly. It’s necessary for you to remember that prosperity is only truly promoted by maintaining you own sense of purpose and balance of inner identity and community identity.

Within the first two weeks of the month, you will find yourself in excellent health and surrounded by a positive attitude. The Sun will be in a semi-sextile with Aquarius, which will help promote internal harmony and spiritual growth. On the 2nd of the month, the New Moon will be best utilized by focusing on planning for the future. As Mercury transits at the same time, your circle of acquaintances will be expanded. This will expose you to a lot of different people that you usually don’t interact with often. You will be able to directly express your thoughts and maintain a steady listening ear. Any arguments you may have during this time will most likely bounce back to those in an authority position.

Your sign is also heavily favored by Venus’s planetary position. This will help you prove yourself as an amazing romantic interest. You will be able to show off your most charming characteristics and traits. You have amazing taste and a great personality, so it will be almost impossible for someone to resist you for long. The sextile of Mars also will not let you sit idly by in this regard as well. There may be some desire to spend time alone with only your thoughts for company. This will do some good in moderation, but be careful not to overdo it. In addition, take great strides to avoid act superficially or in haste. This will only lead to massive regret.

As the second half of the month begins, you may begin to have several different epiphanies. It may be something as simply appreciating the beauty of nature or something as complex as your life’s true purpose. Either way, it provides some much needed introspection to your life. The Sun’s transit will also prove to be a positive influence onto your vitality. Mercury will also work to increase your natural curiosity about life. Along with this, Mercury’s planetary position will provide additional power to general speech and communication. However, remain wary about acting in haste and making promises you cannot possibly keep. In the middle of January, Mercury will begin to move backwards once more.

You will greatly benefit by engaging in a regular and stimulating activity. This can vary from person to person, but maintaining regular activity is essential. Mars will additionally for a positive aspect for defending your dreams, thoughts, and desires. Regardless of what anyone says, you will remain steadfast in your beliefs. The Full Moon on January 18th will lead to increased emotionality and a generally stressful day. On this day in particular, avoid taking on additional responsibilities and making major decisions. Your emotions will rule your decisions, which for you, is never a good thing.

As January comes to an end, you will receive a surprising surge of energy and an increase in optimism. This same period is also ideal for expressing your individuality and your naturally bold ideas. The aspect of Mercury will aid in your intellectual activity gaining traction. Your natural sensitivity and intuition to the information you receive will be sharpened and focused. You may even uncover some hidden secrets or make new discoveries. Your increased charisma makes this time especially ideal to expand your social circle. Mars in particular will contribute in this quest of yours. Mars will transition into a semi-sextile for Aquarius. This will directly manifest itself further with diligence and compromise. However, your plans will most likely be the most successful if you limit the knowledge of its existence. It does not necessarily need to be a secret, but it is probably best to limit the number of people that are aware of it.

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