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As the year starts, Geminis worldwide are likely to have their healths or the overall condition of their bodies as a primary focus. This is because just at the end of last year, Mars went retrograde in your 1st house. This is the place that represents both our body and soul, and having the heating malefic transit through it is not a walk in the park. Especially knowing that when Mars goes retrograde, that means the red star will stay in that particular house for around 6 months, contrasting to the average 57 days of a Mars transit.

For much of the first quarter of 2023, this will still be a pervasive presence you'll be dealing with. Mars only leaves Gemini on the 25th of May, so here are a few tips on how to tame the warrior planet down.

The main effect of Mars is heating. During health-related Mars transits, it's not very uncommon for natives to experience fevers, rashes, cuts and irritations in any given part of the body. Sometimes, this can even manifest as a mental affliction, with people becoming more vulnerable to mental overstimulation, manic episodes and sudden anger outbursts.

Knowing that these are all heating keywords, the trick to overcoming such a Martial influence is to do and ingest things that promote the cooling and moistening down of the body and soul.

Especially for Geminis, this can be an excellent time to take a break from media consumption and start meditating, as hard as it might feel at first. On a more tangible level, drinking lots of water and eating cooling herbs and vegetables like mint and cucumbers can also be super beneficial here.

You may even want to make some of these practices a habit you take with you even after the transit is long over. This is because Mars is also responsible for your 6th house, which was traditionally related to illness and health. This shows that Geminis as a whole are very prone to experiencing the irritations and secretions caused by Mars.

On a more positive note, Mars is not only the harbinger of illness.

With the ingress of Saturn in your 10th house this year, whenever Mars actually gets to your 6th house of health, that means that both of the so-called malefics will be trine one another.

The trine is an excellent aspect that brings ease between archetypes. Usually, when Saturn and Mars are in such an aspect, we can take full advantage of it to start new health routines, especially if you're planning on getting back to working out. While the malefic planets are not necessarily the most fun, they're the most productive. When we're willing to play their game, we can make fast gains, especially if we're trying to gain muscle mass.

The transit goes exact a little bit later in the year, on the 12th of October. You'll have no excuse to not prepare yourself for it. And because it's that late, it sets you up for the year to come as well. This new routine will also be incredibly beneficial since right after Mars makes this harmonious aspect with Saturn, once he leaves your 6th house and enters your 7th house on the 24th of November, he'll progress to square Saturn, which can be a lot more complicated. If you are 29, 41, 53 or 65, you definitely want to pay attention to this one. Avoid doing anything dangerous or deviating too much from your health regimen.

But to end on a positive note, aside from these two bothersome transits, Geminis have little to worry about. As far as health is concerned, 2023 looks like the year to start working towards building strength more than anything. Suppose you already have any pre-existing conditions and are any of the ages listed above while also being born during the day. In that case, you may want to pay a visit to the doctor before November comes around. It should not be a significant reason for concern, but it's always best to stay safe rather than sorry.

Get ready to plan that workout routine! Good luck, Gemini.

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