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2023 is a rather exciting year for Gemini's career.

This year you have Saturn, the planet of hard work transiting through your 10th house of career and public recognition, signalling that you're about to start a new 2.5 year long chapter focused on establishing a name for yourself in your field. Depending on whether you were born during the day or night, this transit can significantly change the way in which it manifests.

For those born at night, Saturn transiting through your place of career can make things a little more complicated. Especially since Gemini has a somewhat visionary career placement, Saturn can come to stifle some of the significant dreams and aspirations you might have for yourself. And though this can seem rather challenging, Saturn is also suitable for making our limitations known—especially for nocturnal births. This simply means that maybe some of your higher aspirations might be a little unrealistic at the moment, and some adjustment will be required.

For those born during the day, though, this transit becomes much more constructive. It can give you an extra air of perfectionism as you fight hard through the year to make even the loftiest goals possible. Contrasting the nocturnal Gemini chart, this Saturn asks you to dream bigger and work harder. However, Saturn still presents some difficulties, especially since Gemini's 10th house has a cooling effect, and Saturn is an already cold planet in quality.

This excess of cold will affect both day and night births. It usually promotes a lack of emotional awareness, making us somewhat overly rigid in approaching our career goals. In 2023 and the next 2 years to come, check in with yourself and make sure you're focused on achieving and your emotional and spiritual health will be necessary.

With that said, Saturn will only enter that particular house later in March. So you'll have some time to get ready for the change in pace.

To elaborate further on the whole condition with Saturn, the main thing to focus on this year is clarifying your vision.

As Saturn transits through the 1st 10 degrees of your 10th house, the ringed planet will be in its own decan in that place. These degrees usually present us with mental barriers and limitations. We can sometimes become too busy or too full of ideas to make wise decisions, so taking steps to get rid of confusion should be your priority. This is especially true if you have Saturn in your natal chart's first 10 degrees of Pisces.

The good news is that Saturn won't be without the support throughout the year. Jupiter, the ruler of your 10th house, will be casting a sextile ray (a relatively harmonious aspect) to where Saturn will be throughout the year, starting on the 16th of May.

However, because Jupiter will be in your 12th house, the place of hidden things and seclusion, the help you get might be somewhat mysterious, or it could even go unnoticed if you're not paying too much attention to it. Usually, when we experience such a transit, we can rest assured that trustworthy individuals will be doing the work to contribute to our success behind the scenes. The hardest part of navigating through this is simply trusting that someone has your best interest in mind, especially since Jupiter is the planet responsible for your 7th house, the place of intimate partnerships and alliances.

2023 certainly has an air of mystery to it. With such an important planet in the charts of Geminis, like Jupiter being in the 12th house, most of the action and good fortune will be intangible but not absent. This can symbolize that maybe, 2023 is a year for you to learn how to let go of control and simply embrace the ride. Whenever I speak on Saturn, I also always like to remind my clients: This is a big step towards maturity and setting a foundation for yourself. It won't be easy, but it sure will be rewarding.

Good luck, Gemini!

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