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Gemini's love life has relatively long romantic chapters for a sign ruled by Mercury, the fastest planet in our solar system. This is mainly because the planet responsible for your love life is one of the slower visible planets: Jupiter.

Jupiter usually changes signs every 12 months, which makes it so every year there's a bit of a change in flavour when it comes to your love life. In 2022, Jupiter spent most of the year in the best house for the planet of good fortune. This is Gemini's 11th house, the place of hopes, dreams, friends and alliances. For that reason, the previous year likely had some good moments in romance, with some of you even finally making a move and asking a friend you've had a crush on out on a date.

The Gemini natives who were already in a relationship also benefited from that transit, with some of your aspirations as a couple coming to fruition.

Now, 2023 is an entirely different mood. This is mainly because on the 17th of May, Jupiter, the ruler of your 7th house of marriage and intimate relationships, will move to the 12th house of solitude, isolation and loss. As grim as this may sound, not only do you have more than enough time to get prepared for the shift in pace, but the 12th house also comes with certain benefits.

For the single Gemini, this transit can be a little rougher than for those who are already in a couple. Whenever the ruler of our 7th house goes transits through our 12th, it usually indicates that it might not be the time to be in a relationship. This is the place of solitude because it often pushes us toward greater introspection for us to deal with the more complex sides of our psyche. The 12th house is strongly tied to psychology and shadow work, so it might be that you have to spend some time figuring out what you want out of yourself before you can ask the Universe for a serious partner. Because this house is also linked to self-undoing—especially if you have Mercury in Taurus— relationships may end up being an escape route for you to avoid addressing some inner turmoil. The best thing to do here is to embrace this temporary transit and do the soul searching that it's asking of you. It's important to remember that it only lasts 12 months, so if you go into it fearlessly, you'll come out of it with a greater sense of security.

On the other hand, this transit can look a lot more different for those already in a relationship. Especially if you are born during the night and are 18, 30, 42, 54 or 66, this transit through the 12th house asks for the introspection and deeper investigation to come from both you and your partner. Spending some time alone might be included in this whole process, but it doesn't necessarily have to be. Because Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, you'll simply have to harness the maturity and trust in your partner to address things that might be bothering you or to listen to criticism that they might bring to your attention.

12th house transit can be one of the most challenging transits when we're resisting it. This house is strongly related to the subconscious, and we all know what happens when some of those primal urges and emotions get suppressed.

Ultimately, 2023 is here to make Gemini a little more mature when romance is the matter at hand. Especially if you're any of the ages listed above, Jupiter comes to present you with some mild yet very much-needed challenges. With that said, Venus, the planet of love herself, will be in your 3rd house of communication for a longer time than usual this year, providing essential aid through these burdensome times. She stays in that particular house all the way from the 6th of June to the 9th of October. Make good use of this particular help and make yourself heard. Even when you think what you have to say might be too challenging for your audience, Venus is here to help soften the blow. Do what you do best. Gemini, and talk it up! Good luck!

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