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When investigating Pisces' health, we always have to turn to the Sun. This is because the Sun is the planet responsible for taking care of your 6th house of health and how you take care of it. Still, 2023 is a bit more complicated than most other years when addressing your health. This is not because there's something you should worry about coming on the horizon, but because there's quite a lot of action happening in that particular place this year.

Right out of the gate, due to the sensibility of the topics of the 6th house, a disclaimer needs to be made. The best way to know about your health is to go get a check-up with your doctor. Astrology can point to what things you probably might want to ask about, but there's a lot of nuanced that will be missed in a horoscope. On top of that, each of the houses is activated in 12-year intervals, meaning that most of these transits will only be targetting your health if you fit the ages of 29, 41, 53 or 65.

With that out of the way, let's get to business.

When it comes to the Sun, because it moves so often, we usually turn to the Lunar Nodes to get a sense of what significant solar events could affect you this year. The eclipses are happening across your 2nd and 8th house this time around. These places don't have a direct link to health, but they relate to secondary things that might affect it. Especially when it comes to your 8th house, the idea of debt may play a factor in health matters this year. This is because the planet responsible for that house, Venus, will be stationing retrograde in your 6th house of health.

This can become quite significant for those of you who are any of the ages listed above and who might already have pre-existing health conditions. You'll probably want to make sure you have money saved up for any possible emergency, especially around the time of the Nodal shift happening in July.

The Venus retrograde can usually point to positive things you consume regularly becoming detrimental or the inception of a habit centred around a vice. Items like sugar, alcohol and other recreational substances are hazardous around the time of the retrograde that goes all the way from August to September. Still, the effects can be felt as early as June and into October. So be sure to make wise decisions and avoid creating or feeding any pre-existing habits.

There's very little for you to worry about other than the retrograde. Even the retrograde itself has some positive support from Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, so as long as you're taking care of yourself and you don't have any pre-existing issues that could get aggravated, you're probably more than satisfactory. Still, if you're worried, you can always ask your doctor about whether some of your habits could have consequences later in the future or the year.

Good luck, Pisces!

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