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We all know that Pisces can be a bit of a hopeless romantic at times. Whenever love is in the air, it's elementary for you to get stuck on fantasies and romantic playlists. Although, 2023 seems like it's here to bring some changes to these vibes.

Saturn, who finally leaves your 12th house and enters your 1st house this year, the main culprit for this change in pace.

The 1st house is arguably the most crucial house in the whole chart, and whenever we have anything astrological going on there, things are likely to spill in every single other area of your life. So it's no understatement when I say that this is quite the big deal.

Saturn in the 1st is good for solidifying our sense of self, wants, needs and aspirations. If you ever hear that a bit of pain builds character, the first person to say it probably had Saturn in their 1st house. This transit is here to take you out of your dreamland and into solid ground with that in mind. Which, of course, can be a little bit of an uncomfortable process.

When your love life is the matter at hand, this becomes even more important since Saturn in your 1st house will oppose your 7th house of partnerships, romance and marriage.

While this transit can really take you out of the romantic trip, it's fantastic for opening your eyes to any flaws that could be in your pre-existing relationships or anything that could prevent you from being in one. The discomfort of having your rose-tinted shades shattered under the weight of realism is definitely present. Still, the main thing to focus on here is this transit's ability to make you more mature in the way you approach your partnerships.

Pisces sometimes can run into the trouble of doing everything to please their partners, but you're the one setting the rules this time around. And though this can be somewhat of a weird spot for you to see yourself in, you'll have the time to adjust since Saturn transits last 2.5 years on average.

This transit can be pretty harsh for those of you who were born during the night and who are 24, 36, 48 or 60. So if you fit the criteria, please be gentle in the way you go at it. There's absolutely no need to have it all figured out right away.

On a more positive note, Saturn won't be total without help in this place. Jupiter, the ruler of your own sign, will also be transiting through your 3rd house of communication for most of the year, forming a positive aspect (the sextile) with Saturn.

This then gifts you with the wisdom to communicate your demands in a way that isn't so off-putting. But because the Jupiter transit is relatively shorter than Saturn's, you'll only have that aid for a year. So make good use of the wisdom from the Great Benefic Jupiter to have those difficult conversations now.

Another transit that might be worth mentioning is the Mercury retrograde happening from late August to early September. This one is important because Mercury is the planet responsible for your love life, and it will also be opposite Saturn. So if you want a tip, try having those more complex interactions with your beloved before or after the retrograde. The latter might even be the better option since retrogrades are great for having inner conversations and gaining clarity on the source of any mental instability or annoyance.

With that said, 2023 is not necessarily a romance novel, but that doesn't mean it's not romantic. This year is here to teach you that love requires more work than they show in the movies. And because Saturn is the planet of hard work, the more work you put into it, the better, the results will be. The transit is long, so don't worry if the results don't show right away this year. Either way, everything happening in Pisces' love life this year is to help you create relationships that last a lifetime. Study your situation and move slowly and cautiously like Saturn would have you do. He's the slowest visible planet after all.

Good luck, Pisces.

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