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Whenever we want to know what will happen to Pisces' career withing a given year, we always have to turn to Jupiter. This is because not only the biggest planet in our solar system rules your sign, but it's also put in charge of your 10th house of career. To add a bit to that, it's also essential to be in tune with the cyclical nature of your chart that makes a particular house a pivotal point each year. Because we have 12 houses, every 12 years career becomes especially important for you, so if you are 21, 33, 45, 57 or 69 you want to pay extra attention to this report.

Before we look into the future, we need a bit of past context on Jupiter's journey through your chart. Through 2022, Jupiter spent most of his time divided between your 1st house of self, identity and spirit and your 2nd house of resources and finances. When speaking on career matters, the 2nd house transits are both excellent for profit and resources that you can use to further yourself in your career path, but also because that house is in a triangular aspect to your place of career (and this is the most auspicious configuration that is), for the past little while, career matters probably ran more smoothly than it usually does.

Especially when we also take into consideration the 1st house transits, the last year was all about reinventing yourself and learning what to do to feed these new discoveries in a new and more aligned manner.

Now, 2023 is a bit different. Not in a wrong way, but simply, different. This is because Jupiter will be moving on to Pisces' 3rd house of communication, daily rituals, friends and fraternity. And in contrast to the 2nd house, this place is said to be in aversion to your house of career, making it more difficult for Jupiter to provide the support you've been getting for the past little while.

On the other hand, the 3rd house also embodies this sense of publishing or releasing material out into the world, so for those of you who work with media or education, this transit can end up being even more productive than the previous ones. Though with that said, considering that the aversion is still there, you can expect to spend most of the year dealing with preparations and discussions that lead to future success instead of seeing any immediate results.

This idea of aversion usually symbolizes a lack of visibility, but it's not because something is invisible that it doesn't exist. So try your best not to feel discouraged by what might seem to be a slowing down in your career path this year since this step is necessary for the polishing of projects and ideas.

This placement is also beneficial in other aspects since Venus, the different planet of good fortune, will spend almost half of the year square to Jupiter. And although many have been trained to believe squares are inadequate due to social media astrological posts, a square between two fortunate planets can be one of the most productive aspects there are. And because this is Venus and the 3rd house we're talking about, you can expect there to be a lot of back and forth and thoughtful conversations about where to take the business next. In other words, 2023 is the year of getting a strategy set in motion.

Venus is going retrograde towards the Northwestern summer, though, so you can expect some disagreements between employees and their superiors. Still, that kind of banter is more likely to yield to creative problem solving than workplace animosity.

2023 might be a bit slower than the previous years, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Going with the flow is good and all, but it will only ever get you so far. Sometimes it's good to take a step back, look at the big picture, and think 2 or 10 steps ahead to guarantee your seat at the table. Don't feel the need to keep moving forward. Sometimes being a little idle can be an excellent learning opportunity. Good luck, Pisces.

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