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Virgo has been dealing with quite the heavy energy surrounding that life sphere when it comes to health. This is because, for the past few years, you've had to deal with Saturn transiting through your 6th house of health and toil, which can be quite a hard transit to experience. This is especially true for those of you who were born at night since Saturn's extreme coldness tends to promote the stiffening and inflexibility of both body and mind.

The good news is that this year pretty much closes this long chapter of your life, opening the way for things to be considerably smoothed out. But even if Saturn isn't in that house anymore starting in the spring of 2023, that doesn't mean you should stop paying attention to what the ringed planet is doing in the sky. This is because beyond being a bit of a trouble maker, ultimately, Saturn is the planet responsible for taking care and maintaining your 6th house of health.

With the planet's ingress into your 7th house, things have a bit of a shift. This is because, in that place, Saturn is said to be in aversion to the 6th house mentioned earlier. In simpler terms, this means that the planet has a harder time providing support for that house. And although that can seem challenging, it can come to your benefit depending on whether you were born during the day or a night.

Since we know that Saturn tends to be more troublesome for nocturnal births, this aversion can actually help tame Saturn down, so it doesn't bring much trouble. Especially since from the 7th house, Saturn will be getting a significant amount of help from Jupiter, who's the planet responsible for that place. Since the 7th place is often where you find partners and allies, you can expect to have people in your life work a little harder to lift you up and help you take care of your health.

The same can be said for the Virgo born during the day. However, you can also experience a certain lack of autonomy from that, since, in your chart, Saturn would've provided more support than challenges. Still, this can also be an excellent opportunity for you to learn how to let people help you instead of becoming the one who's always helping others.

One other thing that's important to mention is the fact that the Venus retrograde this year will be opposing your 6th house of physical health, and therefore it will transit through your 12th house of mental health.

This Venus transit can be a trigger for anxieties surrounding the ego and your need to have a voice in the world. Virgos, by nature, tend to stay in the supporting role, and they, in fact, excel at doing so, but this transit can cause a bit of an uncomfortable cognitive dissonance. Almost as though you're anxious about speaking up and standing out but also terrified of staying quiet. To overcome this transit, the thing to do will be to meditate on what's of real value to you: to show up or to stay hidden.

In 2023, many of Virgo's health-related issues go from the body to the mind. And this is a sign that often thinks A LOT. So be sure to take your time to process these things and be gentle. You got this, Virgo!

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