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Virgo is notoriously a sign that runs into trouble when finding love. Many might attribute that to pickiness, but that couldn't be more of an oversimplification. Ultimately, Virgos just know what they want, and they won't settle for any less than that. If anything, all the other signs should try and learn a lesson from the Virgos out there.

With that said, even if you know what you're looking for, looking for it can sometimes be a little frustrating.

Last year, Jupiter, the planet responsible for taking care of your love life, spent a good chunk of the year in your 8th house. Traditionally this is the house known as the Idle place, and as the name suggests, as Jupiter transited through that place, you might've experienced a bit of a love drought towards the end of the year.

While this transit can be rather beneficial for Virgos, who already found their better half, since it can be a rather auspicious configuration for your partners' finances or livelihood, the same can't be said about the single Virgos.

The bad news is that Jupiter will continue to transit through that house for a good chunk of that year. On the other hand, once it leaves that place on the 16th of May, it won't be going back there for another 12 years.

Once Jupiter makes this shift, things can open up significantly. Especially if you have any planets in your 7th house, Jupiter will be able to provide you with subtle nudges in the right direction for you to find love. This is mainly because the 9th house is in a sextile to the 7th, an aspect of the nature of Venus, which promotes connection and ease between different parties or different topics in one's life.

Now, if you know any astrology, you might already be thinking: The 9th house has nothing to do with love.

Indeed, in this house, we find topics like education, travel, and philosophy, none of which are particularly romantic unless you work a little bit of magic into it.

At its core, the 9th house begs for exploration and novelty. And if you take this as a hint, you might just be on your way to finding someone this year. In 2023, the key to romantic success is to stop looking for romance where you usually do and explore different avenues. Especially if you're willing to travel, you might just find a partner —even if fleeting— in a far-off land.

On the other hand, we shouldn't just look at Jupiter this year when addressing your love life. This is because Saturn will finally leave your 6th house, where it has been transiting through for the last 2.5 years and will enter your 7th house of marriage and partnerships.

This can be a little challenging for the Virgos born at night, especially if you are already in a relationship. Saturn in the charts of nocturnal births can be more of a hurdle that begs us to restructure the foundations of our love life and create clear boundaries between you and your partner. Sometimes it can cause separation, even if temporary. Especially since we have the 9th house piece to consider, it could be that your partner is the one who has to go on a trip for work or due to some family emergency.

If you were born during the day, though, this transit is much easier to navigate. While the mood is definitely similar, this is more of a quest to get your partner (or yourself) to take the relationship more seriously.

With Saturn in your 7th house, you can definitely expect this year to feel more serious when it comes to love. Whether you are planning your wedding or seriously thinking of actively looking for someone to get married to, the ringed planet is here to force you to be more mature in the way you react to and nourish your love life. It's time to stop romanticizing and to start working on making things concrete. Whatever love comes this year needs time to develop, and with time comes work. And I'm confident you're up for the task. So go get'em, Virgo!

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