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Dreams and meaning

Uncover hidden Dreams meaning effected by their interpetation gradually trying to warn you through certain dreams symbols.

Dream Dictionary Donation

A donation can be thought of in a few different ways and many people debate constantly on the ethics of donating, of giving money away and receiving money from people without providing immediate service in return.

Dream Dictionary Donuts

When donuts show up in your dream though, then you know your diet is in trouble.

Dream Dictionary Donley

A donley is possibly a misspelling of a donkey and a donkey is a creature that is known for being quite thick and stubborn. This is something that you most certainly don’t want to really see as a good thing.

Dream Dictionary Domestic violence, Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is sadly very prevalent in this culture. Many people have to deal with domestic violence and it happens all too often.

Dream Dictionary Dominoes

The meaning behind the dreams about Dominoes is quite similar to dreams about dices.

Dream Dictionary Dome

In dream world there are a few complex reasons why you might dream of a dome.

Dream Dictionary Dominance

Dominance is a word that is not to be taken lightly and it is also a concept which is not to be taken lightly either.

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