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Dream meanings

Dream meanings are the most enthralling mysteries that each one of us follows.

Dream Dictionary Dark hair

Sometimes when you watch a horror move, you end up seeing something crazy in your dreams.

Dream Dictionary Dark Water

Water is something that humans have generally taken to symbolize emotion.

Dream Dictionary Dark clothes

Darkness is something that you see a lot. You will see a lot of darkness in your life and because you see this darkness you will end up seeing a lot of darkness in your dreams as well.

Dream Dictionary Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is something that just about every culture around the world loves and delights in.

Dream Dictionary Dark Blue

The color spectrum has long been thought of as a way of transmitting emotions.

Dream Dictionary Dark Purple

Find out what it means to dream about Dark Purple color or see dark purple things in a dream.

Dream Dictionary Dark Eyes

The eyes are an important symbol that shows up all the time in dreams. And the symbol of dark eyes is not too far off.

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