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What Dreams means Dictionary

People believe that dream reflect our daily routines on subconsciousness level, so understanding dream by interpreting its meaning is highly important.

Dream Dictionary Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a debilitating disease and as much as people will try to tell you that it’s not in the interest of being politically correct, the fact is that it is an affliction and can be dangerous for people.

Dream Dictionary Dorm, Dormitory

A dorm is a place where you spend a great deal of your time when you are in college and despite the fact that it is your temporary home and despite the fact that you can feel so free while you are in the dorms, it can also be cramped and difficult to live in.

Dream Dictionary Dormant volcano

The word dormant is not one that you often hear outside of the world volcano unless you are reading a highly stylized book that uses it as a metaphor.

Dream Dictionary Doubt

There are not many reasons why a person might dream of doubt unless it has a direct connection to real life.

Dream Dictionary Dough, Doughnut

Dough is something that can be kneaded and can be molded; it is the base for bread which is much firmer while still maintaining a soft interior.

Dream Dictionary Double

If you have a dream that involves a double then this can mean many different things, much of which might be confusing to you if you do not know why you are dreaming of these things.

Dream Dictionary Double Chin

Nevertheless because of its strong real world implications, the double chin is a strong dream symbol and should be treated as such.

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