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Tarot Cards Reading Meaning

Tarot Cards Reading Meaning

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The Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of pentacles is the 13th card of the 14 card set that makes up the suit of pentacles. This is the second suit out of the four that comprise the minor arcana in a game of tarot cards. The Rider-Waite depiction of the card features a queen sitting on a throne. Unlike with the king and queen of wands, the back of the throne is present in the picture. She seems to be in a mostly deserted land, but at the same time, the bordering of the card is rife with roses. She holds a single pentacle coin in her hands and stares down at it in what appears to be anguish.

The King of Pentacles

The king of pentacles is the final card in the fourteen card set that makes up the suit of pentacles. This suit is the second suit of four which makes up the entire set of minor arcana in tarot divination. The Rider-Waite interpretation of the king character is an interesting one and the drawing is one of the most ornate out of any of the cards in a tarot deck, even though not much is happening. This card merely depicts a king of some kind sitting on a throne overgrown with vegetation. His robes are extremely lavish. He rests a pentacle symbol on one knee and holds a small golden scepter in one hand.

The Ace of Cups

The ace of cups card is the first card in the cups suit in the game of tarot. A tarot game traditionally features four suits of minor arcana, and the cup is the third suit. The Rider-Waite depiction of the picture on the card features a cup overflowing with water. The water in the cup is flowing out in five equal streams from the mouth of the cup into a larger body of water. The cup is being held in midair by a disembodied hand. A dove is diving into the cup, and is holding a wafer in its beak.

The Two of Cups

The two of cups is the second card in the cups set and is marked with a number two. The cups suit is the third suit of four in the minor arcana. With the addition of the major arcana, all of these cards together make up the game of tarot. Rider-Waite interpreted the tarot to great lengths in the 1800’s and thus their work is the most largely recognized today. In the Rider-Waite version of the deck, the two of cups features two people holding cups and clinking them together at the brim as if in toast. Ascending from the center of the two cups is a lion head symbol.

The Three of Cups

The three of cups card is the third card in the suit of cups. The suit of cups is the third suit of four different suits that make up all of the minor arcana in a game of tarot. The Rider-Waite envisioning of the card shows what appears to be two women and a man on the front. Each of the three holds a cup in one hand which is being raised to the sky in toast of something. At their feet there seems to be a bountiful harvest of fruit and vegetables, and one of them is holding some kind of vegetation in their other hand.

The Four of Cups

The four of cups card is the fourth card of the cups suit in the minor arcana that make up a game of tarot. The Rider-Waite version of the deck shows a man sitting under a tree with his arms folded. He is looking down at the ground and seems to have his eyes closed. There are three cups surrounding him, and there is a puff of smoke to the left of his head. From the puff of smoke extends an arm, and this small arm is holding a cup which it is attempting to pass off to the man.

The Five of Cups

The five of cups is the fifth card in the cups suit. The cups suit is the third of four suits that make up the minor arcana in a game of tarot. The card from the Rider-Waite deck features a drawing of a man who seems to be in mourning. He has his head hung and has a long black cape. His face cannot be seen. In the background are a river and a castle. At his feet lie three cups that have been overturned and on the other side of him are two cups which are placed right side up. From the three cups is a puddle of liquid on the ground.

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