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Tarot Cards Reading Meaning

Tarot Cards Reading Meaning

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The Queen of Cups

The queen of cups card is the 13th card of 14 that make up the suit of cups in the game of tarot. The suit of cups is one of four suits that make up the minor arcana grouping. The queen of cups card, as it is depicted in the Rider-Waite version of the deck is very interesting because it is the only card in the set that depicts the cup on it in a totally different style. This card shows a woman of mature features, most likely the queen, sitting on a throne and cherishing a very ornate cup in both of her hands.

The King of Cups

The king of cups is the final card in the 14 card set that makes up the suit of cups. This is the third suit out of our suits in the game of tarot that make up what is called the minor arcana. In the Rider-Waite deck, the king of cups is pictured as a dignified man. He sits at a throne, symbolizing his kingship. In one hand he holds a cup, and in the other he holds a scepter. It seems from the depiction that his throne is surrounded by water, or that he is in the middle of a sea somewhere.

The Ace of Swords

The ace of swords is the first card in the suit of swords. The suit of swords is the final set in the four sets of tarot cards which make up the totality of the minor arcana. In the Rider-Waite version of the deck, the ace of swords is depicted as a disembodied hand hanging in the air and holding a sword. The sword has 6 yellow marks surrounding it which appear to be leaves. The sword has a crown hanging from the tip and from the crown grows a lot of vegetation. In the background is a sprawl of mountains.

The Two of Swords

The two of swords is the second card in the suit if swords. The suit of swords is the fourth suit of the four suits that make up all of the minor arcana. The Rider-Waite interpretation of the card depicts a woman holding two swords, one in each hand. She holds each at a 45 degree angle on opposing sides of her. She sits on a bench and has a blindfold covering her eyes. In the background of the picture is a vast sea with many small islands. There is a thin crescent moon in the sky.

The Three of Swords

The three of swords is the third card in the suit of swords and it is marked with the number 3. The suit of swords is the fourth suit out of four that makes up the entirety of the minor arcana in a tarot deck. This is a very emotional card as evidenced by the depiction on the traditional Rider-Waite deck, which shows a large heart being pieced by three swords at even angles. There are clouds in the sky and from the clouds pours a thick coating of rain.

The Four of Swords

The four of swords is the fourth card in the fourth suit out of four suits in the tarot. It is a card in the minor arcana and has the number four on it. Rider and Waite are very trusted tarot interpreters from the 19th century and drew up their own deck. In their deck the card is drawn as a dead man with his arms set onto his stomach in a religious pose. In the top left corner is a stained glass window to show that this is likely a funeral at a church or a body in a mausoleum. Three swords stand directly over the corpse and on the cask below him one sword is grafted.

The Five of Swords

The five of swords is the fifth card in the swords suit in the game of tarot. The swords suit is the fourth suit out of four suits that make up the minor arcana in a tarot deck. The Rider-Waite deck is usually used as the go-to source for information regarding the tarot, and this deck shows the card as a man holding two swords in one hand. In the other hand he is holding another sword. At his feet lie an additional two swords. Across from him two men walk away in what appears to be a depressed defeat.

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