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Tarot Cards Reading Meaning

Tarot Cards Reading Meaning

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The Queen of Swords

The queen of swords is the 13th card in the suit of swords. The suit of swords is the last suit of the four suits that make up the minor arcana, thus making the queen of swords a member of the minor arcana group. The picture that is shown on the Rider-Waite version of the card is that of what appears to be a benevolent queen. She has the most ornate throne of all of the different king and queen cards in the game of tarot. She extends one hand in what appears to be a greeting and holds a sword in the other.

The King of Swords

The king of swords is the final card in the suit of swords, making it the 14th in the set. The suit of swords is the final suit of 14 cards that makes up the four suit set of minor arcana in the game of tarot. The Rider-Waite depiction of the card shows a king sitting in a throne facing directly outwards. Interestingly enough, the sides of the throne are not visible, and the top of the throne cannot be seen. There is an earthy tone to the background with lots of greenery and trees. The king holds a sword at the ready.

Which Tarot Spread is Best for My Question?

Are you trying to find out if you will marry a specific person, or if you will get a job in a certain time frame? While all purpose tarot spreads may give you an answer, they may also lead to more questions. Therefore, you may find that doing a full reading may require working with specialized spreads.

A Guide to Different Tarot Decks and Their Purposes

Even though you may be familiar with the Rider Waite tarot deck, there are many versions that use different images and meanings. You will also find some other decks that rely on a different arcana structure entirely. During the process of acquiring a new deck, it will help to know about the main types, and the role they play in divination.

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