Oriental 2011 Horoscope for Dragon

2011 Chinese Horoscope Dragon

Oriental 2011 Horoscope Dragon, for the White Metal RABBIT Year

2011 Chinese Horoscope

How brilliant and asserting will be the triumph of the Dragon in 2011 year of the White Metal Rabbit! Happiness of this representative of zodiacal circle will consist of victories in professional activities, in business as well as the best possible relationships between him and his loved one. Lonely Dragon has all the chances to meet their fate and very soon seal a union with marriage vows - if of course he wants to get rid of his loneliness. The family of a Dragon will receive comfort and harmony of relationships, he will simply revel the love and passion. The only danger laying in wait for Dragon in the year of the White Metal Rabbit (Cat) is dizziness from success: Dragon may suffer from laudatory speeches and fanfare, and make many stupid things in a temper, that it will take the entire next year to mop such things out. In particular, this warning is especially concerns the young Dragon, and so that his head always returned to his seat, he needs someone more senior and experienced, who will oversee its actions. The Dragon is too hot, and this quality can bring him honor and glory if it is aimed in the right direction, or subverted into the deep it doesn't yield sound logic.

2011 horoscope for Dragon of wood element

In early 2011 year of the White Rabbit, Dragon will be successful, as ever flashing their dignity to overcome any obstacles encountered in their path. But success will not last forever. In the middle of spring 2011, fate will test the strength of your optimism. Fortunately, your horoscope for 2011 year of the Rabbit promises that in late spring, your success will come back to you. However, this will depend more on how Dragons will behave in difficult times.

2011 horoscope for Dragon of fire element

For you, 2011 year of the White Rabbit will be a more understandable and reasonable period in which Fire Dragons will be looking for stability and shelter from the storms of previous years. Their love life will also get better in 2011, Dragons would be able to strengthen relationships connecting you with a loved one, especially if misunderstanding occurred recently in your life.

2011 horoscope for Dragon of earth element

The fate of the Earth Dragon in 2011 year of the White Rabbit may witness major changes that will radically alter the way of your life or alter your plans for many years to come. Do not rush to shoot from the hip, especially in all that relates to your relationship with loved ones.

2011 horoscope for Dragon of metal element

Good luck and well-being are clearly seen in your horoscope for 2011 year of Rabbit. The upcoming 2011 will favor both your professional self-fulfillment and success in career. Also in 2011, you have all the reasons to renew your relationships. Nevertheless, the other free members of the Dragon sign will be luckier: in 2011, you may meet your love, and moreover, your meeting will be arranged in some unusual way.

2011 horoscope for Dragon of water element

For you, the 2011 year of the Rabbit will not be a simple and easy period for other members of your zodiac sign. So try to control your emotions and try not to risk too much. On the contrary, do everything according to selected plan and weigh decisions being taken.

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