2011 Horoscope for Snake Zodiac Sign

2011 Horoscope Snake

Chinese 2011 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Snake, for the 2011 White Metal RABBIT Year

2011 year of the White Metal Rabbit will bring the wise Snake even greater insight: with unprecedented speed and agility, he will maneuver between the rocks and go confidently to their cherished goal. As never before, he has intensified feelings and his intuition is developed. Snake can foresee the events of his life, and therefore not afraid to boldly move forward. Haven relaxed, the Snake can make stupid things and mistakes, but she can always in time change his mind, and not to stray off course. In the year 2011 of the metal rabbit, Snake will be incredibly lucky in love, he will be very pleased with himself, and this will certainly endow him a hypnotic charisma and charm. Actually, even White Metal Rabbit will not be able to resist the relentless force of his charm. But the Snake should not forget that rivals and enemies are not asleep, and should not lose sight of those things that can wreak havoc with his life. The Snake should not fully rely on strangers in his affairs just because they praise his beauty and intelligence. Flattery is a pleasant thing, but is often a disguise for dark dealings. The Snake should also not completely rule over friends, who for many years have been with him in grief and joy, and were able to give him an invaluable service at a difficult moment and warn him of danger. Do not be haughty, but see and hear each interlocutor - such is the wisdom, which Snake should clarify for the year 2011 of the metal rabbit.

2011 horoscope for Snake of wood element

The situation in the horoscope for 2011 year of the rabbit for the Wood Snake is dual. Snakes of your element could potentially achieve incredible success in 2011, but only in case if they can overcome negative impacts, being able to use then to their advantage.

2011 horoscope for Snake of fire element

In the 2011 year of the white rabbit, Fire Snakes should avoid simple meaningless decisions. On the contrary, they should go ahead, in defiance of circumstances facing them. In this case, the Snake in 2011 can significantly strengthen his position.

2011 horoscope for Snake of earth element

If you have something to tell others, then speak clearly and intelligibly, as otherwise the Earth Snakes risk facing difficulties caused by misunderstanding. In other cases, your horoscope for 2011 rabbit can only be envied, since Snakes are successful both in professional and in personal sphere of life and should not encounter any serious difficulties, any disappointments or suppressed spirit.

2011 horoscope for Snake of metal element

In 2011 year of the Rabbit, the Snake should make every effort to free their relationships with loved ones from various misunderstandings and quarrels. Ultimately, only the closest people will remain with you no matter what or anything that would happen in your life.

2011 horoscope for Snake of water element

Do not give up despite all possible difficulties you may encounter in 2011. Do not despair even if events will thicken over your head at the beginning because soon everything will transform in the most positive way for you. As they say in China, "The darkest hour is just before the dawn".

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