2013 Horoscope for Cancer Zodiac Sign

2013 Horoscope Cancer

Astrology forecast for 2013, the year of the Black Water Snake. 2013 Horoscope for people born under the Cancer Zodiac sign.

Cancer you can expect much progress and personal growth in 2013 year of the black Snake.

In Cancer 2013 horoscope there is a nice balance between challenge and ease that can help you properly digest all these powerful changes. Life is exciting. Learn to love the constantly changing nature of reality. This 2013 year change is the one thing you can always count on.

Mercury, planet of communication, is fused together with Venus, the planetary ruler of what you value. You will be thinking a lot about the finer details of what you truly value. You may suddenly become aware, thanks to, shake-it-all up Uranus, that what you have created in your reality is not what you truly value. And so your work begins. This friction creates the motivation for you to change the way you relate to relating. Now being a Cancer it is easier to duck back into your shell and sidestep the revealing of your true feelings on the matter. It's just easier that way. Well life is not about easy. If you back away in 2013 you will find yourself in confrontations- how dreadful. It's so much more comfortable to be passive in your aggression. But rest assured you will attract angry people who act as a mirror for what you try to express covertly. Everyone is healthier with the truth on the table.

Pluto is the planet that insures we keep to our evolutionary path. It churns up what's hidden. Breaths life into the stuff we have slowly suffocated. Also in Cancer 2013 horoscope the planet Pluto is in a stressful aspect to Uranus. The stress will be obvious. It may be difficult to find time to relax with this sort of pressure to transform. Maybe you start a new career that challenges you in new ways. It is likely that some point of the 2013 year of Snake you will be suddenly aware of the stories you've been using to keep things safe and the same. This won't do any more. As you mine the depths of your psyche for answers you will see that you know what to do now. You know who stays and who goes. With your cardinal bossy pants energy you can make life change when you want it to. When Pluto is in the game you must always remember to think of how your actions affect others. The more people that benefit from your intentions the greater your personal rewards.

Jupiter, planet of expansion and benefits, in Cancer 2013 horoscope is fused with your Sun, your identity. This is a lucky combo of 2013 year of the Snake. Your sense of self is getting a boost of luck and abundance- when you are not stressed you feel on top of the world, able to accomplish anything you put your mind to. Moreover in 2013 horoscope Jupiter and the Sun are in a supportive aspect with Saturn, the task master, and Neptune, visionary dreamer. This combo conjures images of fantastic luck and magical happenings. Saturn teaches us that true freedom is achieved through responsibility- if you want control over your life this 2013 year you simply must take responsibility for it. Saturn shows us how to work for something, to persevere and focus. Without these qualities nothing concrete could form in the material world.

Ideas are wonderful, and there will not be any shortage of them now. But following through with action is what makes things happen. This combo makes hard things easy. A real blessing of reality manifesting according to your ideals. Allow yourself to think bigger. Allow yourself to think Biggest!
Anyhow this 2013 year of Snake the planet Neptune is in a stressful aspect to Mars in Cancer 2013 horoscope and that could cause you to feel fuzzy and unmotivated at times.

You may feel confused and ineffective. This is not an easy place for Mars, planet of action, to be. Neptune can be the opposite of action. This 2013 year Cancer should try to find the benefits of staring into space, daydreaming and allowing your thoughts to wonder. You may be surprised what helpful images and ideas come to you in this state of non-action. Mars finds this lack of forward movement irritating to say the least- And this is all going on within you. Try to allow all sides expression and understanding. Take action on the ideas that come- and allow space for watching the wheels go round and round. It's a balancing act that has great potential. Keep your eye on the prize. In 2013 year of the Snake, All changes are leading Cancers towards the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go with the flow and keep your heart open and curious. These are exciting times to live in.

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