Horoscope for March 2013

2013 March Horoscope

Free March 2013 monthly Horoscope

Monthly March 2013 Horoscope
Monthly March 2013 Horoscope

March is the month of the beginning of spring. The spring equinox happens on March 20 this year and this is the time when the tilt of the Earth's axis is not away from nor towards the Sun. Equinox is a passage and March is the passage from cold and gloom to spring and growth. Watch for the day to be equal in both day and night on the Spring Equinox.

As we change again, the first step is to reexamine our career ambitions and individual goals. This is spring and we need to realize that it is time to grown and change. The journey of change may be the result of interrelated events. It could grow out of dissatisfaction or a sense of impotence. March can be categorized by loss of a job, a natural disaster or the economic downturn that specifically affects your families. You can make March what you want if you are prepared.

Feeling overwhelmed; meeting challenges is tough enough in an unstable world. Address small dissatisfactions and events as they happen; don't long for bad or good; just be.

Watch for the moon to go through all its phases this month. Our calendar year is based on the Sun, but the moon is closer to the Earth than any other celestial body. This brings the Moon's influence very close. Follow the moon, it represents show we reflect on our environment through our feelings. Emotions, instincts, routines and habits are all a part of the Moon's power. How we nurture ourselves and others and the need to take care for human kind is all involved in the Moon. Look at the full moon during March and feel security and an intimacy that is unbounded. The Moon represents home and family and a longing to be a part of something. If you are alone, look for that something or someone in those you meet and greet.

Focus on the different planets and combinations and learn how to live by the Universe. Take Uranus who was the first planet discovered with new technology; the telescope. Uranus is the symbol of innovation, revolution and unexpected surprises. Uranus operates to release tensions no matter where they are hidden. Life is exciting and instantaneously changing. It can be upsetting or exhilarating. As Uranus moves through the heaves it provokes and instigates change. Spring is change. Restlessness and rebellious energy looks for an outlet as Uranus passes through March.

Let your life be one of spontaneity and change during the month of March. Change with the season and with the beginning of new life. Plant, dig in the dirt, and become one who looks to nature for fulfillment. Stimulate your nervous system with new ideas and occupations. Don't hold back. If there are events in your life that want to drive you crazy or into depressions; don't let them. Be someone who can take lemons and make change.

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