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2014 July Horoscope

Free July 2014 monthly Horoscope

Monthly July 2014 Horoscope
Monthly July 2014 Horoscope

In July 2014, many zodiac signs will have to live through a set of unpleasant surprises, the appearance of which is explained by the quite powerful interaction between Venus and Mars. The two historically antagonistic planets will wage a full-out war in the Solar System this month. The main aspect of this war is that despite the harsh antagonism, both Venus and Mars will be positive towards the Earthlings, but the excesses of negative energy will neutralize many positive influences. With that, with a certain level of persistence, anyone has a real chance to find a solution to any situation, no matter how complicated it gets. It won't be a catastrophe that there will be dozens of these problems throughout July - no one promised it to be easy, right? However, those that will be able to hold their own with honor in the upcoming battle will receive something very important as their reward. An individual horoscope may speak more about this matter. However, in regards to the general aspects, we should also note the position of Uranus and the Sun. Both the ruler of the mysterious forces and the celestial king will concentrate their positivity on the area of feelings, though it is likely that the work field will also not be left without positive emanations. One way or another, but in the upcoming period, humans are forecasted to have good allies.

In regards to the "celestial leaders", every trigon will have this honor in July 2014. The Fire trigon will receive Venus, which has already been mentioned before. It is evident that most of its energy the Venus will direct towards the area of personal relationships, thus compensating the evident weakening in this direction. With that, do no suppose that the priestess of love will do everything herself. It is likely that her help will only be tangible in those cases, if the representatives of the fire signs will utilize all of their resources to a maximum. The Water trigon will receive Neptune as its "celestial leader", which surely will have a strong positive aspect. The active water energy of Neptune will come in full resonance with the internal mood of the Water signs, which will allow the latter to significantly strengthen their energetic sensitivity. This is why the entire Water trigon is recommended to trust their feelings more than their mind. The Air trigon will receive Mercury as its additional patron during this period. The ruler of the celestial trade routes will unsurprisingly focus on the area of business, while the Black Moon, the "celestial leader" of the Earth trigon, will grant its special blessing the area of feelings and emotions. In other words, the Earth signs will have to be very careful not to break the fragile balance between their own energy and the energy of their "celestial leader".

Among the planets of the Solar System, which in July 2014 will have a definitely negative impact on the beings of Earth, are firstly the Moon and Saturn. It is evident that this tandem will be merciless to whomever it chooses as its victim. The Moon will uncover the worse of secrets, while Saturn will not allow for use of past experience and will leave you alone to face the outside world. It is likely that the signs upon which this negativity will be concentrated the most will receive a hit on all sphere of their lives. However, you should remember that knowing information about the future is already an advantage, using which smartly can help you avoid most of the negativity.

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