2016 Horoscope for Dragon Zodiac Sign

2016 Horoscope Dragon

Chinese 2016 Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Dragon, for the 2016 Red Fire MONKEY Year

Year of Monkey 2016 for those born under sign of Dragon (1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012)
The main element at year of Monkey 2016 - Fire and Dragon belongs to element Earth, but these two forces generally do not enter into a confrontation. It is unlikely that in year of Monkey flames begin burning grass over the soil and Land suffocate heat of all campfires. Chinese horoscope predicts that you, Dragon, will be on your own, as well as Monkey. In the Year of Monkey, Dragon may address what pleases him, and he likes many things.

In family life, Dragon will be a meticulous partner. For him will not suffice to steal princess and dragged to his lair. The fire-breathing tyrant want her to sing at night, he will love to admire her graceful dances; she will inventory regularly the treasure, every night put a lamb on spit and sweep the cave. It understands that this rare Princess strictly meet those requirements because parents tend ever to educate their children, either a queen or a servant. If in the past month you have fled three suitors (for some even waited for the prince liberator), it is time to get down cross bar before jumping. Choose who you want to see at home - if the sweet Cinderella or majestic Snow Queen - and then start taking action. About romantic confrontation, horoscope advises you for year of Monkey 2016 not be so demanding and show a little more flexibility. If into your cave comes a chained knight in armor, whose shield wrote that has royal blood, and at his death King retaliate against the winner, you need not go to a frontal fighting. Take the lovely princess in your arms and go flying through the back door, leaving the savior nobleman and his squire find an empty cave. The generosity and integrity - are good, but only when these qualities are not life threatening. If you think your life principles run counter to a happy future, or your own health, we recommend leaving. Many of your goals for 2016 justify used means. Do not miss your chances due to observing ethic rules and propriety standards. Blowing fire on the opponent out of the corner - not a mortal sin, if you let him not fried like a juicy burger. Small steps and sweepings on love fights are permissible, but only if they are driven by strong feelings.

Regarding Dragons, who have already found their satellite of life, the horoscope advises that in 2016 consider how its partner satisfying with current situation. This period sponsor, Monkey will not accept oppression and repression of individual. Therefore, if a conqueror who spits fire from heaven sometime wants crushing his chosen one imposing authority, arguments or favorable prospects, then there will come a great day when she no longer withstand pressure and will raise in rebellion. Dragons, who do not just perceive fractures in the relationship with their loved ones and internal disharmony, will risk letting alone quickly. Not be so bad if you lose only comfort and routine care, but will be a real disaster if you stay with a broken heart. In the year of the Monkey 2016, you should be sensitive to feelings and wishes of people around you, and then you can turn on time situation to your advantage.

At business, Dragon does not walk around the bush, as this obviously will not work, especially due to creature large size. Your strength lies on fact you use to act on a large scale without brakes. Dragon tactics average - is falling like an arrow from the heavenly heights to Earth and make opponent a bloodstain. In principle, year 2016 for heaven?s conqueror will show some difficulties along the way. Year of Monkey horoscope for 2016 predicts that over the entire period Dragon will not find such large obstacles, so this tactic will not work. Concrete walls will crumble under your weight like sand castles, and your opponents will not able to break your armor and your unwavering calm.

Young Dragons, who just now placed business wings, afraid high flying, however, they must overcome fear. If all time you fly over treetops, at the end round you will risk becoming a huge crow, losing ability taking sun over the clouds and competing with the wind. Do not be afraid that old comrades come to ridicule, for they were before green younger did not know which side of cause to place in. Representatives of your Zodiac sign are among those who have gained some experience, and believe that it is time to put the suit mentor or leader. Feeling shoulder responsibility of someone else, Dragon will jump above his head and back with a terrific angle, only to achieve the desired result. In 2016, in any situation, they will behave with dignity as its mythological sponsor, and then monkey faces and antics cannot throw you off balance!

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