2017 Horoscope for Leo Zodiac Sign

2017 Horoscope Leo

Astrology forecast for 2017, the year of the Red Fire Rooster. 2017 Horoscope for people born under the Leo Zodiac sign.

Hardly any of the people in your circle understand your real goals and yearnings.

Oh, dear Leos, what notions you have that everything must prevent you from enjoying what you have! The Year of the Fire Rooster 2017 will be no exception to the rule. You are now where you were before... however your thoughts and dreams are far in the future. Nevertheless, this fact, that Leo is perpetually disconnected from reality, is not that important now. Now the important dynamic is the development of events, and how you will comport yourself as a whole in 2017. At the same time, it's not about the fact that you need nothing more, but that you already have everything you need. It's not about desires or gains, but about realizing and understanding your life's path. We understand that excessive philosophizing is not about your honor, but that overly esoteric phrases will more likely mix up your deck of cards than help adequately analyze the accumulated questions.

You, dear Leos, are like an uncontrollable fireball able at great speed to leave unerasable marks behind you. Like no one else you purposefully achieve your intended purpose, not retreating even an inch from norms of honor and morals. Moreover, the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017 corresponds almost ideally with the vectors of development of your zodiac sign. In the physical, energetic, and spiritual levels Leo will be able to manage any available resources in 2017. In fact, the only thing that can weaken you in the coming year of the Rooster is the disharmony of your inner and outer worlds, which often accompanies many members of your zodiac sign. Dear Leos, in 2017 we wish you well-earned success, but also to find harmony in your inner world, which above all other things will help you to be happy.

So, let us now analyze wherein lie the advantages in 2017, specifically for your zodiac sign. First of all, it must be mentioned that the zodiac sign Leo will end up winning for two reasons in the Year of the Red (Fire) Rooster. Firstly, the current element of this yearly cycle is Fire, and Leo is in fact related to this element. Secondly, the Sun, the patron of the sign Leo, will be especially strong (energetic) in 2017, and here will naturally receive certain "bonuses." In other words, in this year it makes sense for Leo to initially and justly count on sufficiently positive time, fruitful and unbelievably successful in the areas of personal relationships and professional successes. Of course, in practice, not everything will turn out to be as smooth and cloudless as in theory. In part, although all the above-mentioned astrological tendencies will have a place, nonetheless, based on them, Leo will not receive a full picture. Everyone knows that any situation is like a two-sided coin, and in your case dear Leos, here you need to honor the fact that the patronage of the Red Rooster is not constant, but rather intermittent. Over the course of 2017 the Year of the Fire Rooster, general support of your zodiac sign will alternate with periods of stagnation, or by support only under certain circumstances. Considering this, 2017 as it applies to people born under the sign of Leo, can logically be divided into several tentative stages; more precisely into five full time periods, each with its own unique characteristics. Naturally, we will start off from this in our astrological prognosis.

The first stage will begin at the end of January (in the eastern tradition, the year of the Rooster begins on January 28, 2017) and conclude at the end of February. Yes, this is just one month, or perhaps a bit longer, but what an incredibly important month it will be! During this time it is better for Leo to take a break in the sphere of work. It's not worth pointing yourself toward the highest positions. You should hold off with initiatives, and it is better to "freeze" your current projects, if possible. This is a very important moment. If you don't do this, there exists a great risk of losing the position you have achieved. Dismissal (or bankruptcy for those who work for themselves) isn't in the cards for you, however excessive activity in this period might bring a heightened workload, and as a result, difficulties with unpredictable consequences. Therefore, there is every indication that if you do everything correctly and on time, in the future you will receive a considerable advantage against your opponents. By the way, on the "love front" everything will be calm, without any significant events or unconcealed excesses. Naturally, it's not worth forcing a situation, as everything must take its normal course... You yourself will feel when it is necessary to step into the fray!

With the onset of March begins the second stage of the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, which for Leo will turn out to be much more dynamic than the previous year. During this period for Leo's horoscope, the Sun, located in projection to your sign, will cross into a more active phase, which will specifically give us the go ahead toward more active behavior. It may begin to gradually act, moving in a given direction. The goal could be anything, but now the means and methods will have a special importance. Don't shy away from experimenting because this comment concerns the personal sphere to a large degree. The Red Rooster is an assertive, violent, strong-willed image. To put it bluntly, now success will favor "impudent" Leo. But, of course, it isn't worth losing yourself in playing; rather you can, so to speak, get used to this image, which is not characteristic of you. Moreover, in the future you won't need any kind of mask. This spring-summer stage is justly called a time of certain growth -- in career, personality, and, we hope, spirituality -- so for members of your zodiac sign in 2017 it is no less important. Let us remember that if Leo can analyze his feelings and desires this year, then he will achieve a lot more, possibly even substantially more than you had planned for yourself for this year and the subsequent surveyed period.

The third stage will begin in the middle of June (at the beginning of the second third). This period of time in 2017, which will come to a close in the first third of September, will possibly be the most dynamic for Leo. On one side, the work sphere will move off onto the back burner, but will not stop being an important part of your life; simply, everything in it will go along as usual, especially if you heeded our advice at the beginning of the year, and were able to rein in the horses a bit. Besides, in this period of 2017 all the preconditions exist for some significant changes to occur in Leo's career exactly at this moment. Specifically, the heavens are more than favorable for you. Nothing in essence will be demanded of you, dear Leos, besides attentiveness. It's important for you not to skip this necessary moment and end up in the right place at the right time. Naturally, you will independently come to this gradually; simply be ready for any situation and then nothing will be unexpected for you. But in your personal life in this period you may strongly offend someone close to you. Luckily, discord in relationships will quickly come to naught because you will be able to make a clear, strong-willed decision, adequate and dictated by conclusions. So, we hope that the person close to you will heed your arguments... However, for the couple only beginnning to build their relationship, the likelihood of a breakup in this period will be high. Fortunately, this doesn't concern "family." With them, everything will be the opposite; their union will become only stronger, and from emotional ups and downs feelings will "burn" with a new strength.

From the beginning of the fall of 2017 the Year Of The Red Fire Rooster the work front will advance forward. Then, like the sphere of personal relationships, relations with children and relatives will again move onto the back burner. From the first third of September 2017 until the end of October 2017 members of the Leo sign must again roll up their sleeves, tackling problems with tripled strength. This time will be not so much dynamic as strenuous. But again, you will be completely ready for it. We don't think that the Red Rooster will present you with any kind of surprises in this period, but if unforeseen situations should arise, they will hardly succeed in taking you by surprise. By the fall of 2017, people born under the zodiac sign Leo must be armed, ready for a protracted battle, clearly understanding who is who on the board game of life. And although this isn't characteristic of you by nature, the important thing for you, dear Leos, is not to doubt your own strengths. Now, a mistake may consist of a reassessment of the abilities of opponents and in your own indecision. Thus it must be noted at this time that Leos shouldn't ignore the signs of attention in relationships with relatives. The fall of 2017 is so important for you in the field of fulfilling your chosen projects that there will barely be enough possibilities to spend as much time with relatives as you had in the summer. In order not to be distracted by negatives, dear Leos, it is important not to lose balance between various directions in life. You'll need to seriously sweat in order to have time for everything - to go fishing with friends, visit with family, and finish current projects at work on time.

Completing the Year of the Fire Rooster (which ends on February 15, 2018), needs to be done in short order. For reasons independent of Leo, you won't have time to conclude certain important things on time (possibly we're talking about one certain thing, but everything is extremely individual). There's no value in being afraid and panicking, even if they exert pressure on you (this might be like the terms of a contract, or other circumstances, however more likely the pressure on you will turn out to be your direct leadership). As in the previous stage, here it's very important not to doubt yourself for a second. Otherwise, all your work will go to the dogs! Therefore in the sphere of personal relationships the end of 2017 the Year of the Fire Rooster will be, perhaps, one of the best moments in your whole life. Absolutely idyllic family happiness awaits you, or the harmony of mutual understanding with a partner, hand in hand with adventures - yes, such things as you couldn't imagine! It's not important who the initiator is - you, your "second half," or circumstances --- what's important is that as a result you definitely receive a mass of positive and clear understandings, which will stay in your memory all your life.

e happy, dear Leos! Once again, in 2017 we hope you find the missing part of your personality, which is like a piece of a puzzle which finds its place in the general picture, bringing you and your inner world to perfection!

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Maila 2017-02-27 00:08:30
Hoping that I can work now nearly and related to my course.
Johnathan 2016-11-16 02:58:24
Hope it is true since the previous year wasn?€™t my best.
Wish all Leos to find during 2017 what they always wanted!

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