2017 Horoscope for Libra Zodiac Sign

2017 Horoscope Libra

Astrology forecast for 2017, the year of the Red Fire Rooster. 2017 Horoscope for people born under the Libra Zodiac sign.

Dear Libras, I'd like to wish you lightness, unconcern, and harmony in 2017, the Year of the Fire Rooster.

I'd like to wish you the ability to cast aside all your cares, to sail along with the wind, and most important, not to fill your clear head with the various arcane nonsense which has withered you like a leathery fall leaf in the wind. But of course, our world isn't made like that. It's a shame that our world is made differently... a bit of a shame that you, dear Libras, are made in such a way... a shame that even such surprising and unique people like you need to spread all over the world in order to understand that now you really need to stay there, at the starting point of your journey! Unfortunately, or luckily, our world is made exactly like this; it is woven from contradiction! Just like you, dear Libra... the whole world is you in a microcosm! Now and then you want to realize that it's a miracle! And how could this not seem strange, in spite of everything, that the whole world works like a well-oiled watch.

For people born under the sign Libra, The Year of the Red Fire Rooster 2017 may turn out to be quite clear, or it might not stand out at all in the background of the current stage of life. Naturally, specific fateful situations in 2017 will have a place in any event (and we will dwell on them), but it's also necessary to understand that as a whole the Fire Rooster will have a very indirect relationship with Libra (in particular, to the element of your zodia sign - to the element of Air). That is, of course, specific astrological tendencies which are characteristic in this stage and typical of all of 2017, will turn out to have an obvious influence on the life of the heroes of this horoscope. Nevertheless, it's not worth it for Libras to wait for any particular instructions, or "signs from above"! Dear Libras, now is clearly not the time when the Universe will reveal to you its secrets or suggest in which direction to move.

Conversely, in the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017 it's all about the time for active preparation, active waiting. To a high degree of probability this year will become a threshold of something truly significant for you, and it would be foolish not to prepare for the war (figuratively speaking, obviously), if the hour of your enemy's arrival was already reported to you. In its most general features, 2017 will be a good time for Libras, in large degree because it's about a balanced phase in which the sensual, work, and spiritual spheres will interact harmoniously, having an equal priority with each other, that will be an ideal variant for members of your zodiac sign.

On the other hand, dear Libras, in the process of solving critical problems in 2017, there may arise before you a dilemma of an ethical nature. You will have to be able to forsake certain feelings and more, such is already the distinctive feature of this year. Because of this, in 2017 Libras will have to get used to adjusting to a lot, but some changes are not worth putting up with in any event. Here much will depend on your steadfastness, on your ability to resist your own "demons," which as we all know, everyone has.

The first phase of 2017 will start in the beginning of January and will conclude in the second third of April, at the very height of spring. This active stage of time for Libras will be characterized by the heightened intensity of energetic streams from Venus, the steward of your zodiac sign. However, because of this, Saturn, the exaltant of your sign, will turn out to be in a losing position, so it's not worth it for Libras to especially count on reserves. Then again, all of this strongly simplifies the process. If it's necessary to act, then act here and now. This is a very important factor, which the Fire Rooster teaches members of the sign Libra: it is not worth relying too strongly on the opinions of others, even if this "professional" opinion to a great degree came from reliable sources. In the end, all the aspects are unknown to anyone besides you yourself, and even your own opinion is subjective in any event. This means that approaching the solution of the next question, it isn't necessary for you, dear Libras, to learn open-mindedness and objectivity in this phase. You need to learn how to make informed decisions, keenly aware of the consequences and and taking responsibility to the fullest degree. We understand that you are not accustomed to this... it's true, it is in fact much more difficult to do this than can be shown at first glance. But over the course of all of 2017, the Fire Rooster will "palm off" these situations on you time after time, so long as you don't learn. It's difficult to say on which sphere it makes sense to make a specific emphasis. The Year of the Fire Rooster 2017 is a period of multi-directional tendencies, but this definitely be a clear time, because neither work nor family will take up a dominant position in the fate of Libra. Ambiguous situations will frankly dominate, in this there is no doubt. And in this is the complexity of the phase. On the other hand, there is still a dominant aspect: allies. Dear Libras, you will now not simply find those who actively value you and are prepared to help the most critical situations. You will learn to identify those people with unique experience who can help you in the future. In the life of every man are periods in the course of which he gathers knowledge and experience, and as a consequence he uses them for the realization of his plans. Dear Libras, in your life this period of 2017 will reveal just such a lucky moment.

From the second half of April to the first third of September 2017, quite a few questions will arise for Libras. Here the Fire Rooster takes a back seat with his "sermons" and a time of dynamism enters. Actions take the place of reflection, which was not always completely perfect with you. If you want to achieve significant success in the area of work, don't feel sorry for yourself; work like you've never worked before. In the words of the Black Queen from Alice Through The Looking Glass, "Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!"

However, don't overexert yourself, this doesn't make any sense now. Learn how to time the right moment, especially if you're not in a leadership position. It's recommended that leaders and businesspeople take a wider look at the situation; when the goal is in clear sight, don't dilly dally. Don't be afraid to give something up or to lose something when you are close to solving the riddle. Remember that you have to pay for everything in this world -- that's a truism which in many aspects exists at all levels of our lives and very existence. In other words, you needn't fight with what you can't cope with; just fight where there is a chance for victory.

Concerning personal relationships, in the summer of 2017 you will finally be able to gain the certainty which you have lacked for so long. Be prepared for openness, answer honesty with directness, even with cunning... Also, forthrightness will put you in a winning position and allow you to understand which relationships in fact have perspective and make sense for you personally. The situation at this time of 2017 in general may develop suddenly, and thus quite violently. Don't worry; if you need to split up with one of your close acquaintances, this is an inevitable event which you simply need to accept.

Besides, new relationships will very soon take the place of old ones, and it's hard to say if the old adage "An old friend is better than two new ones" is true or not. In any event, new tasks will not arise which you can't solve. Moreover, in general you won't be experiencing any really difficult times, at least not in the current period.

The final phase of the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017 (which lasts all the way up until February 15, 2018) will stand out for its frenetic activity in the "love department." Then, like in the business arena, everything will move as before. The Fire Rooster says there's no need to be ashamed of your desires. He urges you toward impudence, confidence, and vigor, but at the same time teaches serenity and a broad vision. These are not mutually exclusive and you need to understand this very quickly if you want to be the victor in the situations that await you. This won't exactly be an uneasy moment, rather a kind of conflict of interests. This is a particularly important situation which will identify itself in this time period, and you will immediately understand that it is namely this that will turn out to have a significant influence on your future (personal) life. To a certain degree this will probably be the culmination of all that you learned in the past year. And, as always, everything is in your hands.

Dear Libras, happiness to you in the coming year 2017!

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